My Lists for Best of Music & Movies of 2020 will be up soon…

As always at the end of every year on my blog, I always do a top ten Best Music Albums and best movies of the year. This year, I can easily come up with a best of Music albums 2020 but for movies will be kind of challenging.

Since the pandemic happened in 2020, I was no longer able to go the movies much this year which sucks. It’s hard to keep up with the new releases now. I may have to shorten the Best Movies to just 5 this year ’cause I won’t be able to come up with a ten. I only saw very few 2020 films this year but I’m trying to catch up with the new releases as best I can. I just got Bill & Ted 3 “Face the Music” and Chris Nolan’s “Tenet” on BluRay so I’ll watch those this week to see where they rank on the list. I’ll try to catch up with more 2020 films but it’s gonna be kind of hard since most new releases are on VOD and Streaming services now. I’ll come up with a plan, though.

I’ve been doing these lists every year for way over a decade. I like doing these lists every year. Show y’all what my thoughts are of the best of 2020.

It’s been a weird year for sure.


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