Toon Track EZ Drummer really is nice but did it really need to be $160???

Now that I finally have Toon Track EZ Drummer musician’s software plugin for my DAW, I’ve messed with it for a little bit. The software is really nice. Like the name of the software says, “EZ” aka “easy”… it really is easy to use. To play drum tracks, you can either play drums manually on the virtual drum set or you can drag and drop loops. That’s all it is really.

The drums sound realistic enough ’cause they were played by an actual human drummer. Now I’m gonna have to really learn how to play drums virtually and learn how to program my own drum tracks. I have been learning a little bit here and there and now I’m gonna get into it a lot more.

I have a few drumming lesson instructional books so I’m gonna have to get back into them. I’m planning to buy some more drum lesson books. If I’m gonna use this EZ Drummer software, I may as well study drums and I have.

I wanted separate drumming software as a way so I can put drum tracks behind my songs and hopefully start making full band rock n’ roll songs in the future. Either that or I can just use EZ Drummer for something to practice my guitar playing with and have fun jamming.

Toon Track software is real nice but they don’t really need to overpriced, though. I plan to buy one more plugin by Toon Track very soon… I’m also planning to get their new Toon Track EZ bass. Once I get toon track EZ bass, I’ll be all set to start making full band tracks very soon. I’m also planning on buying IK Multimedia AmpliTube for guitar so I can have some different guitar sounds and effects. Once I get all these plugins and software that I need, I’ll soon be able to start making some serious rock music and I can’t wait.

Like I said before, I’m not gonna be making complex rock music like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater. My rock n’ roll is gonna be very simplistic inspired by Nirvana, the Pumpkins, AcDc, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, etc. In other words, I’m not worried about technical aspects of guitar playing, I just want to make tight as rock n’ roll, ya know? I want to try to make fun rock n’ roll you can head-bang to and even sing along with if I’m lucky enough.

I really do want to make full band rock and doing everything I can to make that happen. Small baby steps. Just getting all the stuff that I need to make that happen. I got new studio setup, new DAW, new electric guitar and everything so I’m getting there. Small baby steps.

I’m also trying to improve my guitar playing along the way.

Anyhow, Toon Track is real nice software, just wish they weren’t so pricey but so worth it, though. Toon Track is pretty hot in the musician’s world and once you actually buy from them, you’ll see why.

I’ve been looking into getting Toon Track software for a long time anyways and glad I’m finally getting into them. Therefor, I’m proud to be their new customer so far anyway.


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