There will always be assholes on the internet, just ignore them and be you…

So you have a presence on the internet and you just want to express yourself the best you can by writing your thoughts and be honest about your feelings on certain things. You just want to write your honest thoughts and opinions about certain topics like on a blog, social media like FB/twitter/instagram, youtube and internet forums. You write your thoughts about something and just want to tell your truth… there is nothing wrong with your opinion and out of the blue, some asshole attacks you for no reason. This person is writing all kinds of nasty and harsh things about you and you’re just sitting there like all shocked thinking, “What did I say something wrong?”.

No… it’s not that you said something wrong ’cause you didn’t say anything wrong. There will always be some asshole out there that will try to ruin your day… hoping to make you feel bad and destroy you emotionally and that’s what they do. Cyberbullying and trolling is where I’m getting at and it’s a huge problem. Cyberbully and trolling is even more of a problem today. People are just nasty and negative nowadays. I can now see why some avoid social media like FB and twitter ’cause those sites are nothing but a cesspool for assholes and drama queens, ya know?

I know the feeling ’cause each time I want to post my honest thoughts about something and giving my “opinion”, there will always be some asshole trying to attack me and “troll”.

I understand about “disagreeing” and having differences of opinion, I welcome that with other people, I don’t give a shit but we can discuss things with civility and all. We can discuss things without the name calling, bashing, judging and hating, whatever but people don’t do that nowadays. If you write something people don’t like, you immediately become a bad person nowadays. It’s getting unreal.

It’s okay ’cause the way to dealing with internet assholes is just ignore them and just keep being yourself ’cause they hate that even more. Never bow down and never cave ’cause that’s what they want you to do. Their goal is to make you feel upset and make you feel bad. They intentionally want to make you feel like you’re wrong and they want to make you feel like a “loser” ’cause it’s killing them that they see how honest and real you are. They just want to make you feel bad ’cause they get a kick out of it and it’s amusing to them putting you down. That’s why they do what they do.

When I make an opinion and thought on something, I stick to it, ya know, stick to my guns. No matter what anyone says, never back down. I’ve dealt with assholes online for many years and still go through it today but I’ve gotten way better at ignoring negativity, lol.

It’s just that people do what they do ’cause they are crazy and that’s the end of it really. The way to dealing with internet haters and negativity of any kind is just keep being you and that’s it. Most people want you to be the way they want you to be and you don’t have to. Like I said just keep being you, no matter how mad people get.

Not everyone will dislike who you are, you’ll get some fans/supporters out of it ’cause they’ll respect the hell out of you for being real.

People are just being people… assholes everywhere, you can’t avoid them. When people attack me on my social media or blogs, I just block ’em. They don’t like it but tough shit, it’s my right.

Nothing wrong with being yourself. Don’t let people think that there is something wrong with it.

When I post on a forum, blog or social media… I seem to get a stir going and get people fired up, every time. Not sure why. I guess I’m getting at getting people talking. Maybe some find what I say is controversial and that’s fine. I’m just honest and speak from the heart. Talk like that and people will respond and will get ’em going. Just be honest and wait to see what happens.


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