What is the most dangerous lift in the gym??? Truthfully the bench press is… truth hurts doesn’t it???

Don’t you just hate these articles and youtube videos in the bodybuilding/powerlifting world that tries to pick out which lift in the gym are the most dangerous??? These know it alls try to warn you about some lifts in the gym that could totally wreck you like the overhead barbell press, the bent over barbell row and the upright rows for shoulders as examples. Yeah, those three lifts aren’t the greatest and they could wreck you pretty bad but…

… truthfully, ALL workouts and lifts in the gym are very dangerous. You can get all kinds of injuries and get messed up no matter what workout and lift you do.

The thing is, even though the bench press is the most popular workout in the gym and the king of all lifts, no one will ever admit how dangerous that lift really is. Truthfully the bench is the only workout in the gym that can actually kill ya. Think about it, right? So many people nowadays bench without a spotter which isn’t good. Sure, maybe it’s alright if you can bench the easy ones and the lighter stuff but when you get the real heavy bench that’s when you’ll need a spotter. If you aren’t sure and if a number you pick makes you nervous, don’t be afraid to get a spotter.

The bench is so dangerous, if you bench a heavy rep without a spotter and if you miss that lift, you could be in deep trouble. Bar could land on your chest, it could land on your neck or even land on your face. Bench can mess you up pretty bad if you don’t lift responsibly and not lift carefully, ya know? You could get paralyzed from the neck down if a benching accident can get serious either that or the bench can even kill ya ’cause people have died doing heavy benching doing some research.

A lot of people love the bench press and they want to feel tough doing it but too many are horrible benchers… like benching with their ass off the bench, over excessive arching, etc…. blah blah blah.

If you don’t have a spotter with ya then you can either bench with the Smith Machine or the Squat rack.

If you’re gonna get a spotter, don’t just get any random spotter in the gym ’cause not everyone are good at spotting. Like, don’t get a spotter who knows nothing about benching or doesn’t look strong. You want to get a spotter that looks strong and looks like he/she has a lot of experience in benching. That’s how you get a spotter. Get someone who has a lot of spotting experience that knows what they’re doing.

The bench press is great, I love it myself but do it responsibly and carefully. If you don’t you’ll be sorry. You could end up in the hospital or worse… death.

It’s crazy to see that how many guys out there bench without spotters ’cause they think they know what they’re doing and don’t believe an accident will happen. Many guys don’t like having spotters ’cause it makes it looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. Benching accidents can happen to anybody really.

If you have a benching accident, truthfully it wasn’t an accident… you brought it all upon yourself ’cause you weren’t careful. So yeah, pretty much your fault.

The bench been around for decades and decades and it’s still a popular workout even to this day. I like it though ’cause it’s actually helping me grow a bodybuilder chest that I’ve been wanting and it’s definitely helping, yes.


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