Yeah, Hollywood is crazy and messed up, no doubt but I still have a passion for watching movies and always will…

I posted about Hollywood before… on how messed up it is right now with their liberal politics, the MeToo stuff, pedophilia and all those problems they got going on now but despite all that, I still have a huge passion for watching movies. I’ll never give up watching movies, though.

My love for movies all started when I was a kid, of course and my obsession for films still stays strong even to this day. Watching movies is just one of my hobbies, something I’ve always loved doing.

I’ve always went to the movie theaters a lot over the years. Rented movies a lot from movie rental stores when they were a thing, watched movies on cable TV and things like that. Of course, now there’s streaming services to watch movies on which I do and sometimes I rent movies from VOD just so I can catch up with new releases.

I always try to keep up with the new releases as much as I can but with this pandemic still going on and movie theaters still closed, it’s hard to keep up with new releases now but I still try.

Because of that, I’ve been watching a lot of older movies lately like a lot of old Clint Eastwood movies… I’ve been watching a lot of Nic Cage movies too. Over the weekend I watched a couple of older movies with John Travolta on Hulu: “The Taking of Pelham 123” and “Broken Arrow”. Last Saturday night, I watched the John Carpenter classic, “Starman” with Jeff Bridges and a 90’s action movie, “Breakdown” with Kurt Russell.

I like to watch TV shows during the week, watch movies on the weekend. That’s how I do things usually. Since there is no movie theaters, I try to buy the new releases that come out on BluRay. Not too long ago, I’ve watched Christopher Nolan’s newest movie “Tenet” which was really good and I watched Bill & Ted’s “Face The Music” which was really good too. Trying to catch up with new stuff.

It doesn’t matter what genre, I like to watch all kinds of movies but my favorite genres are action movies and horror films mostly. I like to watch a bit of everything like drama and some comedy. I’ll watch whatever interests me, ya know?

Yeah, Hollywood is fucking crazy, I know but it is possible to appreciate the art and ignore their crap. A lot of those Hollywood people are still very talented at what they do. Some of these stories and art they create is just amazing and mind blowing what they come up with really. Sometimes you can’t deny that some of these people are very talented.

And just to point you out on something, not all Hollywood people are political nutbags, predators and pedos… some Hollywood people are actually good people… it’s just that Hollywood is getting so much bad publicity right now. I think it’ll all calm down soon, though.

I’ll be honest though that most of today’s movies are getting worse and worse and no longer getting interesting anyways. I guess that’s why I continue to watch superhero movies ’cause they are more interesting that’s out right now. I still do want to see the new Bond film “No Time To Die” and the Sopranos prequel film “Many Saints of Newark”, those two films I’m dying to see. The new Denzel Washington movie, “The Little Things” looks interesting too.

I haven’t been in a movie theater in a long while and hoping they come back this Spring. I predict they will.


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