Scored pretty big on Vinyl at the Antique Fair today!!!

Well I went to the Antique Fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds in my hometown earlier this afternoon. Scored pretty big on vinyl. Take a look at the Instagram post above to see what I got! Came home with 8 vinyl albums today. A couple of ’em were about $20, a few were about $10 and a few were about $1 – $5.

About that Robert Plant “Pictures at Eleven” album, I just looked at Plant’s discography and found out that was his debut album so it’s pretty cool. Looking forward to listening to that one ’cause I love Robert Plant’s solo music.

As far as Frampton’s “Comes Alive”, Kiss “Alive”, Janis’s “Pearl” and Deep Purple “Machine Head” goes, I already have those albums digitally so I got the vinyl versions.

The rest of the albums I don’t have yet. I’ve always loved the Carpenters so I went for a greatest hits album of theirs so I can start listening to their stuff.

I’ve always been a fan of Bobby Vinton music ’cause “Blue Velvet” is one of my favorite tunes. I’m also a fan of Joni Mitchell and trying to get into more of her stuff.

I love antique fairs but I only go for the used vinyl. I just want to start a vinyl collection of my own… new or used, it don’t matter to me, yo.


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