Sometimes I gotta listen to relaxing music, I can’t listen to loud guitar music all the time…

I enjoy all sorts of music… while my main taste of music is mostly rock n’ roll and metal… sometimes I gotta listen to other stuff. Meaning stuff that are more relaxing. A lot of times I’ll listen to blues and jazz and sometimes lighter sounding music like Joni Mitchell or Bobby Vinton or any artists that sings relaxing ballads. Yeah, I dig some of that stuff believe it or not. I’m not always about listening to loud guitar playing like some may believe.

Listening to slower and relaxing music is not only relaxing, it’s also healing. It makes you feel good listening to that stuff. I’ll get into stuff like the Righteous Brothers, all the Elvis ballads, The Commodores and I’ll dig into acoustic folk and some country like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and things like that. Like I said above, I like a lot of jazz and blues and that stuff is relaxing too.

I like listening to real music. I’m not really a fan of today’s pop music but I am a huge fan of Lana Del Rey. I think she’s amazing and I’ve been getting into her a lot more. Her music is definitely relaxing stuff for sure.

If you ever look at my music collection at home, you would find a variety. I have a bit of everything but mostly rock and metal but I do have some pop, even rap music, some country and some blues and jazz.

You can’t always listen to loud guitar playing. Gotta give your ears and mind a break so you gotta listen to some slower and relaxing music sometimes. It’s just something I gotta do.


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