The “Zappa” documentary inspired me to start getting into his music more finally…

Last night on Hulu, I’ve finally gotten around to watching the “Zappa” documentary. A rockumentary film that was directed by Alex Winter who is famously known as Bill from the “Bill & Ted” film franchise.

Frank Zappa is a legend and icon in the music business. He’s not just a rock n’ roll musician, he’s done other genres in his career and he’s done a little more than 60 albums, maybe more than that.

I never really got into Frank Zappa music at all and I’ve been meaning to so yeah, I’m pretty late getting into his music. After watching the “Zappa” doc finally, it inspired me to finally start getting his albums so I bought his very first album, “Freak Out” and another album called “Hot Rats” which are the two perfect albums to start off with for a Frank Zappa newbie like myself.

Frank was an interesting guy. My favorite parts of the doc was the very beginning when he was showing off his vault, where he keeps his recording music all shelved at his home. I also thought his rants about the music industry were pretty insightful.

Frank said on the doc that while he has no problem making music for himself so he can like it and listen to it, he also makes it for other people which is why he made albums. The doc also showed some of his live performances and had many other musicians speaking about Frank especially Steve Vai and many others.

A longtime Frank Zappa fan may not appreciate this doc but I think it was made for people who know nothing about the guy. In other words, it seems to me the film was more aimed to the newbies. This isn’t Alex’s first directed film ’cause he’s been directing films for a long while but I believe this is his first rock doc and I thought he did a great job with it. The film had an interesting direction style, it was different than other rock documentaries I’ve seen.

It’s definitely worth watching for any music lover, though.


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