My powerlifting training going well. Finally going up in deadlifting…

Yeah, my powerlifting training in the big three: deadlift, bench and squat continues. I’ve been making some pretty insane deadlift gains lately. Last week during my deadlift session, I was able to smash a 300 lb. deadlift for 2 reps to end my set with which is a new one for me. Finally, I’m on my way to do smashing 300 lb. deadlifts for reps which was the goal I wanted. 300 lb. deadlift are starting to be easy for me.

So since I was able to do 300 lb. deadlift for a double, I thought, “maybe I can be able to smash a 315 single next time”? So a week later which was this week, I had another heavy deadlift session earlier this morning. Ended my session with trying a 315 lb. single with three 45 lb. plates on each side which I never did before… a missed lift. I was only able to get it up to my knees so I had to put the bar back down but I was still proud of that lift. That was something I never did before. I missed that 315 ’cause I didn’t leave room in the tank due to doing 375 – 380 heavy sets for a few reps each.

I’ll be able to get that 315 lb. w/ three 45 lb. plates on each side another time but I think I need a de-load week next week, though. “De-load” which means lifting a light week. I need those more often ’cause it isn’t good to lift heavy week after week.

I’m proud to finally starting to get into the 300 lbs. deadlift finally. Now the next goal is to be on the road to deadlifting in the 400 lbs. or up but I’m gonna take my time to get there.

My bench and squat numbers are still okay, though but gonna try to improve those too. My bench and squat numbers are still around the 150 lb. – 160 lbs. around there.

I really want to do another powerlifting meet at some point. My subscription to the USAPL went out so I’ll have to subscribe to them again. I would like to have my first USAPL meet but wasn’t able to do it ’cause Covid stopped me. Now powerlifting meets are back, I’ll try to find one for me to do ’cause I love doing those. Haven’t done a powerlifting meet in a long time. Those are a blast to be a part of.

I’ll never give up powerlifting, no matter what anyone thinks and I know that people enjoy watching my powerlifting videos which is a part of why I keep at it. A lot of times when I’m doing my deadlifting at the gym, I get random compliments from complete strangers which is feels amazing really.

Powerlifting is an awesome sport but my only gripe is that powerlifting is kind of expensive. Other than that it’s a blast to be a part of. I support other lifters too and enjoy watching others lift.


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