well I got that covid-19, just minor symptoms… it’s not the deadliest virus that the media and government trying to make it out to be…

Well I’ve been feeling a little off for a little while so I took the covid test and it turned out positive. Covid 19 is actually pretty interesting really. It’s not that bad. Just small symptoms… just feel a little cold and shivering a little and also feeling a little strange so I’m not that bad and gonna be okay. Good thing about it though is that I can eat well at least which I was afraid of losing my appetite and sense of smell and thankfully I still have those.

So no going anywhere at all for a while. Gonna have to quarantine myself for a week or more depending on how I feel. Like I said, covid is not the deadliest virus… you can recover from it quickly.

Yeah, I’m unvaccinated and anti-mask so I know what you’re thinking, “You had it coming”, “You deserve it”, blah blah blah… well let me tell ya something. You’ll get covid even with the mask on and if you’re fully vaccinated either way. Even if you do everything you’re told… social distancing and quarantine, you’ll still get it.

You see virus’s are invisible and they go where it wants and it hits anyone it wants so there’s nothing you can do to stop covid.

I’m gonna be okay. It’s gonna suck staying home all the time but I got plenty of things to do here…like music, guitar playing, books, video games, movies and I have 4 different streaming services so I’m all good.

People are saying that “covid” is beat but not really…. people are still getting it from what I’m seeing and I’ve got it. I’ve never had it until now.

I’m trying to keep my gym days going so now I’m gonna have to take more time off from the gym so I can’t go for now.

This quarantine thing is gonna be fun so I have more time to work on my guitar playing and try to start writing songs again. Yeah, I like to go out and do things but I gotta be holed up at home for a week or so. Gonna be interesting actually.

Lets see how this goes.



2 thoughts on “well I got that covid-19, just minor symptoms… it’s not the deadliest virus that the media and government trying to make it out to be…”

  1. That sucks, Kev. How did you get it?

    I kept thinking Corona was a hoax, but now that you have it, I’m not so sure.

    1. Not sure how I got it. It’s been going around, I guess. I’m all better now though but still gonna quarantine myself for a couple of more days.


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