Thoughts on Mike Tyson airplane fight… why would you want to mess with a pro fighter to begin with???

Everybody’s talking about this, Iron Mike Tyson, boxing legend repeatedly punching someone on an airplane. I’m sure Iron Mike didn’t start it ’cause he seems like a type of guy that wouldn’t start fights with people unless he was provoked first. Iron Mike just wanted to peacefully ride on a flight like everyone else and didn’t want to be bothered but of course, some punk 20 something kid sitting behind Mike decided to mess with him.

My question is, why would you want to mess with Iron Mike? Mike is a huge dude and tough in real life. You saw how he fought in the ring in his past career and Mike is still tough as nails in real life. If you’re thinking about messing with Iron Mike Tyson in public then you might want to think twice for doing so. Probably not a good idea. The kid probably deserved it and had it coming anyway.

Why would you want to start something with a pro boxer, pro MMA fighters or even a pro wrestler??? Yeah, pro wrestling is fake but still a lot of pro wrestlers are still tough as nails. You wouldn’t want to mess with any of ’em.

My guess as to why some punks would want to mess with pro athletes is for attention really. They’re curious to see how they would react…. desperate to get their attention and things like that.

Whether you like these fighters and athletes or not, you don’t start a scene with them in public ’cause I would think you would get a pretty good lesson by them, a pretty good ass kicking. Sure most of these fighters would keep “fights” in the ring or in a MMA cage only but I’m sure they would react physically if they feel threatened.

If you see these pro fighters or wrestlers out in public, it’s best to leave them alone ’cause you’ll get something you’ll regret.


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