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The Grateful Dead, Phish and the Allman Brothers are three of the greatest jam bands…

On Spotify, I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Grateful Dead. So far, I’ve listened to 5 albums by them. They are: The Grateful Dead (Self titled), Aoxomoxoa, Workingman’s Dead, Blues For Allah and Go To Heaven.

I’m trying to listen to all of the Dead’s studio albums. I’ve always been a Dead fan for years. In the past though, I wasn’t much of a Deadhead. I didn’t buy much of their albums. I just listened to the dead when friends & family members listened to them. I think I wanna start buying some Grateful Dead music myself and soon I’ll start collecting all of their studio albums from Itunes.

I wanna start listening to Phish a lot more too ’cause I’ve been listening to Phish for a long time and even saw them in concert a couple of times. I really like PHish a lot.

As for the Allman Brothers, I’m a huge fan of that band and have most of their albums.

I like jam band and hippie music, sure. It’s just that I would listen to the Dead, Phish and the Allman Bros. ’cause those three bands are my favorite. I don’t have to be a stoner or a drug addict to listen to that music. I listen to it ’cause I enjoy it. I just think that kind of music is fun to listen to. I don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy it which I’m not a hippie at all. I listen to these bands ’cause I just love the improvisational jams which is what I listen to them for. I know jam band music isn’t for everybody but I happen to enjoy this stuff.

I don’t know why the jam band industry gets so much hatred and disrespect. I understand that the drugs is part of the problem but I just love ’em for the music, ya know? That’s what it should have been about. It’s just fun music to listen to. I just love to listen to that kind of guitar playing. Plus the songwriting can get really good and some of these bands can come up with very good vocal melodies.

All three of these bands are inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame except for Phish, though. Phish absolutely deserves an induction in the Hall of Fame. Love Phish or hate ’em, they accomplished a lot in the industry and that band continues to be very successful. Phish should be respected. I like improv jams and I listen to this stuff for my own inspiration of guitar playing.