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Apple Music is here but I don’t have IOS 8.4 yet…

I’m planning to give Apple Music a try but I don’t have IOS 8.4 yet but I’m sure it’ll come up soon in the “Software Update”. I’m not sure if you can get the new IOS 8.4 for the Ipad 2 but hopefully. I’ll find out soon. I know I won’t be able to get IOS 8.4 for my Ipod Touch ’cause I have an earlier edition of the Ipod Touch, I have the 4th generation I think… the 6.1.6.


I would love to give Apple Music a try ’cause if I decide to subscribe to that instead of Spotify, I’ll no longer have to buy music from the Itunes store at all. Apple Music subscription is cheap, $9.99 a month, cheaper than Spotify. Spotify costs $12.99.

I used to never agree with music streaming services and used to never agree with Itunes but I’m just starting to have a change of heart with all that stuff.

This week, I just started listening to a prog rock/metal band called, Opeth. I listened to their albums, “Orchid”, “Deliverance” and “Ghost Reveries”… they were all incredible albums too! I’m late getting into Opeth but I’m loving their music a lot.

Streaming music is awesome. I’d like to subscribe to either Apple Music or Spotify so I’ll no longer have to keep buying music from Itunes. Thinking about it.


Taylor Swift, only into the music business for the money alone? Seems like it…

Each time a new music streaming service comes out, chances are it’s not gonna make a few artists happy. They’re always gonna complain and whine about it. They’ll always make claims that they should get paid for the hard work that they do. All music artists are different. Some are in the music business to get heard and some are in it just for the money alone.

While Taylor Swift is a very talented music artist, I’m not ashamed to say that she’s one of the very few pop artists that I like… I’m gonna say that I disagree with her views on “streaming” services.


She should see it as an opportunity to get herself heard and to get herself promoted/marketed… while I’m sure she does, she just wants to get paid for it. She’s one of the few artists who are in it for the money alone.

She should listen to Dave Grohl’s advice when it comes to music on the internet. Dave Grohl is all about people listening to his music for free. He doesn’t care. Dave is clearly not about the money at all. He’s even all for piracy and allows fans to steal Foo Fighters music. He knows that music is waiting to get heard so he’s not dumb at all. So it’s safe to say that Dave is not into the music business for the money at all and he made that statement many times.

Most artists today really are greedy when it comes to music. They should feel proud that people wanna listen to their music for free. They should be flattered that a fan listened to it and enjoying it but nope. When certain artists like Taylor Swift finds out that fans listen to their music for free or has been pirated… they get all butt hurt about it.

I’d be flattered if people pirated my songs or even stole them. I don’t care. I don’t mind giving out my music for free at all. I don’t like forcing people to pay for my music. When I make it, I get it out. Make it all downloadable. I will continue to do that.