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Ray Williams, a powerlifter lifts a 1080 lbs. squat at Arnold’s Sports Festival…

All weekend, I’ve been watching live powerlifting through online youtube streaming. I was watching powerlifting competition at Arnold’s Sports Festival online and it’s a blast watching them. Best thing that happened was Ray Williams lifting a 1080 lb. squat which was impressive and mind blowing.

Someday, I would love to compete at the Arnold Festival myself and it’s my dream. On my bucket list. In order for me to do that, I need to be a USAPL member and one day I will sign up with them. I may do that this year ’cause I would love to compete for some USAPL meets around NY State too.

I love to watch powerlifting meets live online ’cause it’s a great motivational and educational tool for me about powerlifting. It’s fun to watch other people lift in powerlifting. It’s the best sport in the world and I’m glad we have a sport that everyone can take part in.

Enjoy the video above!