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“Avengers: Endgame” one of the best superhero films ever made??? Yes, it sure definitely is!

Yesterday afternoon, I went and saw “Avengers: Endgame” in theater for the second time. I’m still blown away by the film and loved it even more the second time. It’s definitely a masterpiece of a film and definitely one of the best superhero films ever made.

There has been many superhero films over the years. Some of them were crap, some of them were pretty good but it’s very rare that Hollywood makes a superhero film that’s really good. Why? It’s hard to make a really good superhero film but sometimes Hollywood does make a really good one.

My Top 10 Favorite superhero films in no particular order:

Superman: The Movie
Superman II
The Dark Knight (w/ Heath Ledger as Joker)
Robocop (the first one with Peter Weller)
Batman (yes, the Burton/Keaton/Nicholson movie)
The Crow (1994 film with Brandon Lee)
Logan (this is the best Wolverine film and still need to get the BluRay at some point)
The Punisher (1994 film w/Thomas Jane, in my opinion this is the best Punisher film)
Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse (Animated film but still really good, I was never into Spiderman until I saw this. Still need to get the BluRay soon)

Now you can add “Avengers: Endgame” to that list. I thought the Russo brothers did a great job with “Infinity War/Endgame” ’cause they were both really good movies.

Watching all these superhero movies in the theater over the years of my life, sparked my interest in comics and graphic novels. I just started collecting comics and graphic novels ’cause of it all. I have a small comic and graphic novel collection but it’s a good start.

Keep in mind that it was Superman that started this whole superhero craze. Superman started the comics and he started the live action films. There were no other superhero movies before “Superman: The Movie” came out. They don’t call Superman the king of all superheroes for no reason ’cause he really is. He started it all. Marvel wouldn’t have been around if it wasn’t for him.


Saw “Avengers: Endgame” last night… best superhero film since “The Dark Knight”…

Went and saw “Avengers: Endgame” last night in the movie theaters. A few friends of mine invited me over the weekend so I said “Yes, I’m definitely down” and so I went with them.

I’m a huge Avengers fan. Saw all the films in theater and re-watched them all on BluRay last week. Now that the fourth Avengers film, “Endgame” is finally here, I went and saw it last night. After the movie was over three hours later, I was like, “Wow”… my mind was blown. Honestly, I was expecting the film to be “okay” or “pretty good” but it ended up being more than “okay or “pretty good”. The film turned out to be amazing and it’s definitely a masterpiece. If there was a superhero film that deserves to win “Best Picture” in the Oscars for the first time, “Avengers: Endgame” should definitely get that award even though it would never happen.

I really was blown away and speechless when the movie got over with. The film had a great story and great plot. The film was well-acted by everyone in the cast. The film has a crowded cast and it’s mostly big name stars all over. They all did a great job but I was most impressed with Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Those three guys are great actors for sure. Yeah, Mark Ruffalo is a die-hard liberal and his political views are awful but still, his acting talent can’t be denied. I was impressed with the direction of the film too as the Russo brothers did a great job.

The film had many emotions throughout the film… it can be enjoyable, funny, sad, intense and action packed. While the previous three Avengers movies had some pretty good action scenes, I thought the action scenes in “Endgame” were a blast to watch, though. The action scenes in “Endgame” gave me goosebumps and I was fucking floored. Holy crap!

This is a non-spoiler review so I’m not going to talk about the story at all. Just what I think of it and that’s it ’cause there are some big surprises in the film.

I thought it was a very impressive movie and definitely the best superhero film I’ve seen in years. Yep, “Endgame” is definitely gonna be the final Avengers film. I don’t see how it could continue after this. It’s all over for the Avengers so it’s an end of era. It’s understandable ’cause Robert Downey Jr. spent years and years playing Iron Man and he wants to move from the character finally.

Even though it was a three hour movie, it certainly didn’t feel like it ’cause it went by fast due to the pacing.

Before you see this movie, though, I suggest you see the first three films first ’cause if you don’t… you’re going to get completely confused of the story so definitely watch ’em all in order.

I definitely loved the film and can’t wait for the BluRay already.