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Thought: Casey Anthony’s defense team celebration after trial in bad taste? I would say so, yes…

This has been the most talked about debate online ever since the Casey Anthony trial got over with. TMZ posted shocking photos of Casey Anthony’s defense team celebrating with champagne toasts. They are clearly partying and celebrating.

Yep, Team Jose Baez partied it up at Terrace 390, the restaurant across the street from the court house. I can see how this topic is debatable. Some people say there is nothing wrong with it, and that they are celebrating for Casey Anthony’s freedom. Some say it’s sick & disgusting because it makes Caylee looks bad.

Well I’m going to have to agree that Casey Anthony celebration is pretty sick & disgusting. Why? This is why.

When a suspect is not guilty of murder and he/she celebrates their freedom after the trial, it makes it looks like you’re celebrating the death of the victim. Period. It also shows that all they cared about is being victorious and winning everything. These people should be grieving over the death of Caylee Anthony. Instead, they go to the bar across the street to toast champagne glasses, smile, laugh, and dance like teenage high schoolers. I bet the celebration idea was Casey’s herself ’cause everyone knows she’s a hard partier.

Sure, I understand that when a person is acquitted of murder can be exciting but if you wanted to celebrate after a murder trial, you do it at home in your own privacy. Celebrating at a public bar where the whole world can see, makes them looks like assholes who don’t even care about Caylee. It also shows that Casey doesn’t care about her own daughter one bit.

There are some Casey Anthony supporters online and it’s pretty crazy. Those that support Casey and thinks she innocent are mostly people around her age. Casey fans are probably party animals themselves.

In the video below, I give credit for this guy for stopping the Jose Baez celebration at the bar. In this video, this guy is trying to call out Jose Baez but of course, the police joins in. Enjoy the video. This guy should be given an award.