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Report: Gwendoline Christie is Brienne, Maid of Tarth for “Game of Thrones – Season 2″…

HBO’s Game of Thrones have found their Brienne, Maid of Tarth, who is known as the wench in “Clash of Kings”, the second book of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series. Gwendoline Christie can be seen in the Terry Gilliam’s “Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassius” which is the only film she starred in her acting career. This will be her next acting gig.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

They better make her look ugly for the Brienne, Maid of Tarth character, ’cause that’s how she was in the second book “Clash of Kings”. She’s a skilled warrior in the book and she wants to become a knight. Catelyn orders her to escort Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing, hoping to exchange him for Catelyn’s captive daughters. Catelyn Stark was Lord Eddard’s wife. I won’t go any further with the plot points, I just wanted to give you an idea what this Brienne character is like.

I feel she’s going to be another popular character for the “Game of Thrones” series. I’m reading the third book, “Storm of Swords” and Brienne is throughout most of the third book too.

These are great books and if you haven’t started these books, you really should.


Book Review: A Clash of Kings (Book 2 of “Song of Ice and Fire” series)

So I’ve finally finished the second book of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series (or better known as “Game of Thrones”), titled, “A Clash of Kings”.

The stories continue to be addicting and hard to put the book down. I can’t stop reading these books. The second book leaves off from where the first book ended. In this book, the Seven Kingdoms is plagued by a civil war. About 5 kings who fight for the iron throne. King Joffrey, the young king from the first book still sits on the iron throne. The book also continues the adventures of Princess Daenerys who wants to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. It continues the stories of Tyrion Lannister, the midget character who continues to feud with King Joffrey and Tyrion tries to help avenge the death of Lord Eddard Stark. Arya Stark, the daughter of Eddard, poses as a boy named Arry and goes on an adventure with new recruits of the Night’s Watch.

Just like the first book, “Clash of Kings” continues to be dark, sexual, and violent. It is also more controversial than the first book. It’s different without Eddard Stark though, that’s my only complaint is George R.R. Martin killing off that character so soon. This is not a really a spoiler ’cause everyone knows this is going to happen anyway.

If I had a favorite character of these books, I think Tyrion is the superstar here. Tyrion continues to be funny and entertaining just like the first book. Other than the comic stuff about Tyrion, there’s something more serious and dramatic about him too. That character is so special in a big way. Hard to explain. While all the characters in the books are great, I think Tyrion is the important part of the series. I’m not sure what, but reading these books, I think something bad is going to happen to Tyrion later in the books. Maybe he’ll get killed off too, I’m not sure. Don’t give me any spoilers, but I know something will happen to him.

The reason I love these books so much ’cause they are so insightful and detailed. Plus, they are easy to read, you’ll read ’em quickly. This book makes you feel like what it will be in the Medieval times in real life. This book is just as good as the first one.

I’ve started the third book, “Storm of Swords” today. If you’re not reading these books, then what are you waiting for? Starting reading them soon!