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Report: Megadeth heckled off the stage at Croatia Metalfest…

I thought this was pretty interesting so I had to post it here. Here is Megadeth performing at Croatia Metalfest, but they were forced off the stage ’cause they were getting heckled pretty badly by the crowd. The heckling got so out of hand, that the crowd were throwing rocks at Megadeth and other things. What were they mad about? Well, they blame it on Dave that the band, Wasp, refuses to play that night, because of an argument. It’s just a rumor that Megadeth wasn’t getting along with Wasp, and that’s what the crowd was pissed at Megadeth about.

While pretty much the whole crowd were hating on Megadeth… sticking up their middle fingers throughout their whole set, chanting, “We Want Wasp”, booing, and throwing things… Megadeth still had some supporters in the audience. How you can tell that Megadeth still had supporters in the audience? They were holding up devil horns with their fingers, chanting, “Megadeth”, and just dancing/singing along with their music.

In my opinion, this crowd are a bunch of assholes and being disrespectful to Megadeth. Sounded like Megadeth was putting on a rocking performance like they usually do, and the crowd was just being rude. So those pricks, deserve to get their show cut. I like Wasp too, don’t get me wrong, they were a good 80’s hair metal band. Hopefully this isn’t a new feud with Megadeth. Dave feuded with enough bands in the past. I’m sure Dave Mustaine himself, will speak out on this soon. I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts. He always have interesting things to say.

See the article and video, here.