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Report: Now that Randy Blythe is finally a free man, Lamb of God gets right back to touring…

Now that Lamb of God singer, Randy Blythe, is a free man and is now able to go back living his life, Lamb of God is wasting no time to get back to music. Right away, after Randy’s acquittal announcement, the band just announced a pretty big tour.

See the band’s tour listings, here.

Congrats to Lamb of God and Randy! I’m sure their future concerts will have tighter security in the front row, so another fan won’t get killed again. I’m sure Randy didn’t kill that kid in Prague, maybe that death was an accident ’cause mosh pits do get pretty rough.

Well, life goes on and the show must go on, right? That’s what the band is doing here. They want to leave this in the past and move forward with their music, which is good.