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Cool Video: Stallone steals the spotlight backstage at the Ricky Hatton fight…

Fighter Ricky Hatton warms up for his match while his friends and his team are hanging out backstage with him at the MGM Grand.

4 famous celebrities are backstatge as well. Noel and Liam Gallagher are backstage. Noel is in the green jacket with the funny looking British hair, Liam is the one wearing an all black suit wearing sunglasses. Noel is backstage chatting it up with David Beckham, the famous soccer player. Jason Statham is also backstage as well.

Sly doesn’t walk in backstage until about 3:49 in the video, but as soon as Sly walks in, the music turns off, it is suddenly quiet and the whole room was like starring at Sly with a “Woah, that is Sly” look on their faces.

Later in the video, you see Noel chatting it up with Jason Statham. You also see Noel posing for pics with young Oasis fans backstage. But everybody seems to pay attention to Sly once he walked in, lol!!! That just proves that Sly Stallone is a fucking legend, man.

Enjoy this.

Here it is: