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Report: Rest in Peace to the daytime soap opera industry?

Look like all the daytime Soap Operas on TV with soaps such as “All My Children”, “Days of Our Lives”, “One Life To Live”, etc. is coming to a near death with all shows getting low on money. Most of the shows are firing actors just to help save the budgets. For the actors the shows are keeping are making their paychecks smaller to help the budgets.

This article also confirms the rumours that Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are being fired from “Days” to help the budgets. Hall and Hogestyn are both leaving “Days” early in 2009, they’ll still be on the show for the rest of the year but I think they’ll leave sometime in January, so the two can finish the last of their episodes they got scripts for. Hall played Marlena Evans for 32 years, Drake Hogestyn played John Black for 22 years. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for them after they leave the show.

“Days” is the only soap NBC has because the show still has a strong following of fans.

See this interesting article here:


It’s a shame what soaps came out to be today. Low ratings on all of them. Bad writing and bad acting on most of them. It won’t bother me much if all soaps came to an end. Most everyone don’t care for soaps anymore except for the only people that watch them are the ones who have been watching for years. I would like to see the soaps shape up so they can be successful again though.