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BREAKING NEWS: Yet another daytime soap cancelled, this time it’s “As the World Turns”…

Yet, more evidence that soap operas on TV are dying. The more soap operas cancel on TV, soon there will none at all. First, “Guiding Light”, got the boot. What’s next? Yep, that’s right, “As the World Turns” will be soon booted off the air. The show will air it’s finale in September, then they will stop production and writing for good.

Variety Reports:


What’s the next soap that will get cancelled soon? I’m predicting, “Days of Our Lives”.


Confirmed: “Guiding Light” to be cancelled this year…Sept. 18th would be the show’s final episode…

It’s official. TV’s longest running daytime soap opera in history, “Guiding Light” is ending for good which is aired on CBS. The show has been on the air for 72 years and it’s last episode will be aired on Sept. 18th.

The ratings are the big reason why the show is getting plugged.

Variety Reports:


The soaps are dying, big time. I have a feeling “Days of Our Lives” will be next ’cause that show is in trouble with the ratings too.


Report: “Guiding Light”…another TV soap opera to be canned???

Soap Operas in day time TV are dying. First, “Passions”, got pulled off the air. “Guiding Light” could be next. CBS might pull the plug on “Guiding Light” due to bad ratings.

See the article here:


I don’t watch “Guiding Light”, only soap I watch is “Days of Our Lives”. If “Days” gets cancelled sooner or later, I won’t be so heartbroken about it, ’cause the storylines on “Days” has been pretty bad lately. “Days” used to be real good in the past, but the show has been a bit of a trainwreck lately.

I think that’s why people are losing interest in Soaps, and why they are dying because the storylines are so bad. It’s like Jerry Springer vs. WWE in all of them. 

If daytime soaps want to get successful and stay on the air, they need better writing and better acting with the cast.


Report: Rest in Peace to the daytime soap opera industry?

Look like all the daytime Soap Operas on TV with soaps such as “All My Children”, “Days of Our Lives”, “One Life To Live”, etc. is coming to a near death with all shows getting low on money. Most of the shows are firing actors just to help save the budgets. For the actors the shows are keeping are making their paychecks smaller to help the budgets.

This article also confirms the rumours that Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are being fired from “Days” to help the budgets. Hall and Hogestyn are both leaving “Days” early in 2009, they’ll still be on the show for the rest of the year but I think they’ll leave sometime in January, so the two can finish the last of their episodes they got scripts for. Hall played Marlena Evans for 32 years, Drake Hogestyn played John Black for 22 years. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for them after they leave the show.

“Days” is the only soap NBC has because the show still has a strong following of fans.

See this interesting article here:


It’s a shame what soaps came out to be today. Low ratings on all of them. Bad writing and bad acting on most of them. It won’t bother me much if all soaps came to an end. Most everyone don’t care for soaps anymore except for the only people that watch them are the ones who have been watching for years. I would like to see the soaps shape up so they can be successful again though.


BREAKING NEWS: Two SHOCKING cast members of “Days of Our Lives” fired from the show!!! Another one also quits!!!

Yep, I think I’m done watching this show for at least a while because Ken Corday who is the executive producer of “Days of Our Lives” a soap opera on NBC fired two of the most important cast members of the entire show. Deidre Hall who plays Marlena Evans and Drake Hogestyn who plays John Black have been fired from the show due to budget cuts. Expect more cast members to be fired from the show because like this article says they are getting rid of some of the cast to help out the show’s budgets. Marlena and John are one of the most popular couples of the show. And these two are one of the reasons why I watch it.

Another popular cast member Jay Kenneth Johnson who plays Phillip has quit, sources say he wasn’t happy with the pay.

More on it here:


So the show is getting low on money it sounds like? Is this why the show has only been renewed for only a short 18 months because of their budget?

I sadily see this show getting cancelled for good in the next year or so.

Why fire Deidre Hall and Drake when they really should fire their horrible writer, Dena Higley? Dena is the one screwing up the show so bad. I hope Deidre and Drake find more work on other TV shows. They should say the hell with NBC Daytime shows and go to primetime.

I would like to see Drake Hogestyn get more acting outside of soaps because he is an extremely talented actor, he’s one of the best I’ve seen on TV. Drake deserves to be on one of them primetime TV shows like star in “Law & Order” or “CSI” or something.

Maybe “Days” ought to get cancelled. If the show wants to get popular and get high in ratings again, they need to have better writing, and better acting with some of the cast members as well. Drake getting fired is a travesty. Shame on you, Mr. Corday!!!!!


Cool Video: Stefano returns to “Days of Our Lives”!!!

Stefano Dimera the coolest TV villain returns to “Days”!!! Check it out, he’s no longer in the coma anymore, he was awake after all this time, he was faking it. Watch both parts of Stefano’s first return below!!!

EJ, Tony and John are already in his hospital room discussing it.

More to come soon.


Stefano returns part 1

Stefano returns part 2

Report: “Days of Our Lives” may still be airing during the summer Olympics…

For the fans of “Days of Our Lives” soap opera, if you don’t want to miss any of the good upcoming storylines in the month of August, (especially the return of Stefano Dimera) not too worry!! While the full hour of the show may not be aired during the Olympics, starting on August 11th, “Days of Our Lives” will feature two short term storylines during the Olympic games. Meaning that NBC will air only two small parts of the show during the games. Some areas in the USA may not be able to see the show at all during the Olympics (lets hope NY state is not on that list).

One storyline they will air is the return of Stefano Dimera and the second storyline will probably focus on the character Nicole Walker. Other characters of the show will of course be involved like Steve, Kayla, Marlena, John, EJ, Sami, Lucas, and others.

More on it here:


Aaaahh, I see. This is a ploy to get more ratings of Days since Stefano is coming back and they want Olympic fans to be watching that character.

It’s good news that the show is still on, it is starting to get good again.


Report: Stefano Dimera returning to “Days of Our Lives” in August…

From left to right: EJ Wells (played by James Scott), Stefano Dimera (played by Joseph Mascolo), and Tony Dimera (played by Thao Penghlis)

According to various sources in the world of Soap Opera news, the Phoenix is returning!!! Stefano Dimera is confirmed to be returning to “Days of Our Lives” in early August, first return date is marked Aug. 4th.

Stefano will be back to get his revenge on who ever put him in a coma and all hell will break loose in Salem once again. The question is, what would Stefano’s feelings would be when he finds out that John Black now owns the Dimera mansion? Would Stefano like the idea of John allowing Marlena, Sami, and EJ all living in the Dimera mansion? This ought to be interesting.

For fans of the show, I know there are some out there, just wanted to give you a heads up. The shows been kind of boring without him and Stefano’s one of the reasons I started watching the show several years ago. He’s one of the baddest TV villains ever.

Stefano Dimera has been a popular character on the show for a long time.


Report: Joseph Mascolo is returning to “Days of Our Lives”…

Longtime “Days of Our Lives” soap opera veteran Joseph Mascolo is confirmed to be reprising his role as Stefano Dimera in the long running daytime soap opera aired on NBC weekdays. Several months ago, news broke that Joseph Mascolo was fired from the show, it was reported he had a fallen out with it’s film crew and not getting along with them. Turns out they talked things over, things turned out good and Ken Corday has decided to rehire the actor to a new contract.

Joseph Mascolo plays the role of Stefano Dimera, an evil mob boss, the father of the Dimera family and empire. During Joseph’s hiatus from the show, John Black (played by Drake Hogestyn) now owns the Dimera mansion and considers it his new home. Since Stefano Dimera erased John’s memory, John’s been a different person since having an angry attitude and becoming weird. After all these years it turns out that John Black is a Dimera so that makes Stefano, John’s half brother. When Stefano Dimera returns all hell will break loose again between the Dimeras and the Brady’s.

Soap Opera Digest reports:

Joe Mascolo is coming back to DAYS as Stefano and Soap Opera Digest has the exclusive. “I’m thrilled that we were able to talk things out and reach a mutual conclusion,” says the actor. For more — and to see what Executive Producer Ken Corday has to say about it all — pick up the next issue.


Pretty sweet news. Glad he’s coming back. Joe is an amazing actor. The show will get good again when he’s back and can’t wait!