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Cool Video: Stefano returns to “Days of Our Lives”!!!

Stefano Dimera the coolest TV villain returns to “Days”!!! Check it out, he’s no longer in the coma anymore, he was awake after all this time, he was faking it. Watch both parts of Stefano’s first return below!!!

EJ, Tony and John are already in his hospital room discussing it.

More to come soon.


Stefano returns part 1

Stefano returns part 2

Report: Stefano Dimera returning to “Days of Our Lives” in August…

From left to right: EJ Wells (played by James Scott), Stefano Dimera (played by Joseph Mascolo), and Tony Dimera (played by Thao Penghlis)

According to various sources in the world of Soap Opera news, the Phoenix is returning!!! Stefano Dimera is confirmed to be returning to “Days of Our Lives” in early August, first return date is marked Aug. 4th.

Stefano will be back to get his revenge on who ever put him in a coma and all hell will break loose in Salem once again. The question is, what would Stefano’s feelings would be when he finds out that John Black now owns the Dimera mansion? Would Stefano like the idea of John allowing Marlena, Sami, and EJ all living in the Dimera mansion? This ought to be interesting.

For fans of the show, I know there are some out there, just wanted to give you a heads up. The shows been kind of boring without him and Stefano’s one of the reasons I started watching the show several years ago. He’s one of the baddest TV villains ever.

Stefano Dimera has been a popular character on the show for a long time.