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Report: Stefano Dimera returning to “Days of Our Lives” in August…

From left to right: EJ Wells (played by James Scott), Stefano Dimera (played by Joseph Mascolo), and Tony Dimera (played by Thao Penghlis)

According to various sources in the world of Soap Opera news, the Phoenix is returning!!! Stefano Dimera is confirmed to be returning to “Days of Our Lives” in early August, first return date is marked Aug. 4th.

Stefano will be back to get his revenge on who ever put him in a coma and all hell will break loose in Salem once again. The question is, what would Stefano’s feelings would be when he finds out that John Black now owns the Dimera mansion? Would Stefano like the idea of John allowing Marlena, Sami, and EJ all living in the Dimera mansion? This ought to be interesting.

For fans of the show, I know there are some out there, just wanted to give you a heads up. The shows been kind of boring without him and Stefano’s one of the reasons I started watching the show several years ago. He’s one of the baddest TV villains ever.

Stefano Dimera has been a popular character on the show for a long time.


Report: Joseph Mascolo is returning to “Days of Our Lives”…

Longtime “Days of Our Lives” soap opera veteran Joseph Mascolo is confirmed to be reprising his role as Stefano Dimera in the long running daytime soap opera aired on NBC weekdays. Several months ago, news broke that Joseph Mascolo was fired from the show, it was reported he had a fallen out with it’s film crew and not getting along with them. Turns out they talked things over, things turned out good and Ken Corday has decided to rehire the actor to a new contract.

Joseph Mascolo plays the role of Stefano Dimera, an evil mob boss, the father of the Dimera family and empire. During Joseph’s hiatus from the show, John Black (played by Drake Hogestyn) now owns the Dimera mansion and considers it his new home. Since Stefano Dimera erased John’s memory, John’s been a different person since having an angry attitude and becoming weird. After all these years it turns out that John Black is a Dimera so that makes Stefano, John’s half brother. When Stefano Dimera returns all hell will break loose again between the Dimeras and the Brady’s.

Soap Opera Digest reports:

Joe Mascolo is coming back to DAYS as Stefano and Soap Opera Digest has the exclusive. “I’m thrilled that we were able to talk things out and reach a mutual conclusion,” says the actor. For more — and to see what Executive Producer Ken Corday has to say about it all — pick up the next issue.


Pretty sweet news. Glad he’s coming back. Joe is an amazing actor. The show will get good again when he’s back and can’t wait!



BREAKING NEWS: Joseph Mascolo fired from “Days of Our Lives”…

Huge rumours have been buzzing around the daytime TV forums that actor Joseph Mascolo who has been a longtime cast member for the soap opera “Days Of Our Lives” has been fired from the show…

This news has been floating around, not sure if it’s coming from reliable sources or not:

“Longtime soap star Joseph Mascolo is furious after Days` bosses axed him from the show out of the blue-and did it with a cold phone call. “A show exec called and simply told him his contract isnt being renewed,”says an insider. ‘He’s furious and in a state of shock. He flew into a rage over the phone.’ The 73 year old actor who plays baddie Stefano Dimera first joined the NBC drama in 1982 and worked there nearly 20 years until 2001, when he joined the Bold and the Beautiful for five years. He returned to Days last June reprising his popular role. The storyline put his character in a coma for the past month. “Joe believed DAYS would be his swan song” says the insider. ‘He’s been at the center of a strong story line since he came back. What’s worse is he’s not even being brought out of the coma for a major finale. He’s worked his last day on the show.’

From the Days board:


What a shame. A longtime “Days” vet canned from the show. As the paragraph explained above Joseph played the evil Stefano Dimera known as the father and mob boss of the Dimera family. I guess putting Stefano in a coma is a way to explain his firing.

What happened was ever since John Black was found alive from the Dimera mansion over an experiment to take out John’s memory, this is what drove John Black’s wife Marlena to take out Stefano’s memory and put him in a coma in return. A revenge type of thing. The left over Dimera family EJ Wells and Tony Dimera has since turned “good guys” since Stefano is no longer around.

Joseph was one of the best actors in the show and it will not be the same without him.