Report: “Guiding Light”…another TV soap opera to be canned???

Soap Operas in day time TV are dying. First, “Passions”, got pulled off the air. “Guiding Light” could be next. CBS might pull the plug on “Guiding Light” due to bad ratings.

See the article here:

I don’t watch “Guiding Light”, only soap I watch is “Days of Our Lives”. If “Days” gets cancelled sooner or later, I won’t be so heartbroken about it, ’cause the storylines on “Days” has been pretty bad lately. “Days” used to be real good in the past, but the show has been a bit of a trainwreck lately.

I think that’s why people are losing interest in Soaps, and why they are dying because the storylines are so bad. It’s like Jerry Springer vs. WWE in all of them. 

If daytime soaps want to get successful and stay on the air, they need better writing and better acting with the cast.


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