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BREAKING NEWS: Two SHOCKING cast members of “Days of Our Lives” fired from the show!!! Another one also quits!!!

Yep, I think I’m done watching this show for at least a while because Ken Corday who is the executive producer of “Days of Our Lives” a soap opera on NBC fired two of the most important cast members of the entire show. Deidre Hall who plays Marlena Evans and Drake Hogestyn who plays John Black have been fired from the show due to budget cuts. Expect more cast members to be fired from the show because like this article says they are getting rid of some of the cast to help out the show’s budgets. Marlena and John are one of the most popular couples of the show. And these two are one of the reasons why I watch it.

Another popular cast member Jay Kenneth Johnson who plays Phillip has quit, sources say he wasn’t happy with the pay.

More on it here:


So the show is getting low on money it sounds like? Is this why the show has only been renewed for only a short 18 months because of their budget?

I sadily see this show getting cancelled for good in the next year or so.

Why fire Deidre Hall and Drake when they really should fire their horrible writer, Dena Higley? Dena is the one screwing up the show so bad. I hope Deidre and Drake find more work on other TV shows. They should say the hell with NBC Daytime shows and go to primetime.

I would like to see Drake Hogestyn get more acting outside of soaps because he is an extremely talented actor, he’s one of the best I’ve seen on TV. Drake deserves to be on one of them primetime TV shows like star in “Law & Order” or “CSI” or something.

Maybe “Days” ought to get cancelled. If the show wants to get popular and get high in ratings again, they need to have better writing, and better acting with some of the cast members as well. Drake getting fired is a travesty. Shame on you, Mr. Corday!!!!!