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Report: “Days of Our Lives” may still be airing during the summer Olympics…

For the fans of “Days of Our Lives” soap opera, if you don’t want to miss any of the good upcoming storylines in the month of August, (especially the return of Stefano Dimera) not too worry!! While the full hour of the show may not be aired during the Olympics, starting on August 11th, “Days of Our Lives” will feature two short term storylines during the Olympic games. Meaning that NBC will air only two small parts of the show during the games. Some areas in the USA may not be able to see the show at all during the Olympics (lets hope NY state is not on that list).

One storyline they will air is the return of Stefano Dimera and the second storyline will probably focus on the character Nicole Walker. Other characters of the show will of course be involved like Steve, Kayla, Marlena, John, EJ, Sami, Lucas, and others.

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Aaaahh, I see. This is a ploy to get more ratings of Days since Stefano is coming back and they want Olympic fans to be watching that character.

It’s good news that the show is still on, it is starting to get good again.