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Report: Universal finally moves forward with “Jurassic Park 4”, director is found…

Universal has been wanting “Jurassic Park 4”, to happen for a long while, but nothing has happened until now. “Jurassic Park III” was released in 2001, so it has been a long while for a new Jurassic Park film. A director by the name of Colin Trevorrow, is set to direct the fourth installment to, “Jurassic Park”. He is best known for directing the film, “Safety Not Guaranteed”. No plot details and no casting has been revealed as of this point.

Deadline, reports.

Okay, which leading character would return to this one? Will this film be written for Jeff Goldblum or Sam Neil to reprise their roles? Either way, one of them is expected to return for sure. Even better, I think both actors should appear on screen together for this one just like they did with the first one. It’ll be kind of cool to see those guys reunite finally ’cause Sam Neil wasn’t in “Jurassic Park 2”, Jeff Goldblum was. Sam Neil was in “Jurassic Park III”, Jeff Goldblum wasn’t.

With today’s technology in filming, you can expect them to take the Jurassic Park franchise to a whole new level. As for what I thought was the best Jurassic Park film was. I thought, “Jurassic Park III” was the best. I thought the first two weren’t that great, honestly, but the third one actually told a great story and it was a pretty thrilling movie too. I’m glad Spielberg is no longer directing these movies ’cause they seem to be good without him.

Spielberg seems to be staying away from family films lately ’cause he’s been doing too much historical drama stuff. Looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with Jurassic Park IV.