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Report: Pierre Morel, set to direct “Dune” remake…

“Taken” director, Pierre Morel, is set to direct the new version of “Dune”, based on the legendary sci-fi novel written by Frank Herbert. This would be the third remake of “Dune”, the first being directed by David Lynch and the second was a direct-to-TV version by John Harrison for the Sy-Fy channel.

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They’re probably gonna turn this version into a big time special effects action movie like all the others. I love the David Lynch version of “Dune”, that film was a classic. Hope they don’t screw this one up.


Report: Peter Berg confirms “Dune” remake for Paramount…

Film director Peter Berg has confirmed with Paramount Pictures to remake “Dune” adapted from the classic sci fi novel written by Frank Herbert. The film was first made in 1984 by legendary director David Lynch, then later it was remade for a TV mini series for the Sci-Fi channell starring William Hurt.

Peter Berg is the director of other films such as “Friday Night Lights” (a film starring Billy Bob Thornton which was later made into a spin off TV seriesĀ on NBC), “The Rundown” (an action comedy film starring the Rock and Sean William Scott), “The Kingdom” (a war film starring Jamie Foxx).

Peter Berg also played a small role in an episode of the TV show “Friday Night Lights” where he played the ex-boyfriend of character Tami Taylor on the last episode of Season 2.

Variety Reports:


Isn’t two remakes enough? David Lynch’s version was a masterpiece, I love that film to death. No other version could top Lynch’s.

I smell a bomber here.