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Roger Waters responds to fan criticism about not being involved with “Endless River”, he tells them to “Get a Grip”…

Roger Waters himself responds to fan criticism about not being involved with the new Pink Floyd album, “Endless River”. He says that he left the band like over 30 years ago and he hasn’t been a part of Floyd since, yet people kept bugging him about it. Even people kept bugging his wife about it. Roger must be getting frustrated and annoyed. He sounds like it from the article above.

I don’t think he wants to be involved with Pink Floyd ever again. Even though he buried the hatchet with Gilmour and Mason, he just wants to move on and do his own thing, ya know??? If Roger wanted to be involved with Pink Floyd, I’m sure Gilmour and Mason would allow him to come back anytime he wants to.

I understand how people can’t see a band without it’s founding members but hey, band members changes over the years. We’re in this day and age where fans wanna see legendary and iconic bands continue on with their founding members but they refuse to support the fact that bands move on without their founding members. Quite sad, really. I’ll have a rant about that in a different post another time.

I hate that bands wanna move on without their founding members too… I’m feeling everyone but that’s the name of the game in the music business. That’s how it is. Bands continue on ’cause that’s what they do, play music. They do what they have to do… they don’t give a shit what the fans think, sorry to say. They just do what’s right for them.