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Report: Kevin Lima will bring “Candyland” to the big screen…

First Ridley Scott has been confirmed to direct the “Monopoly” movie as part of the huge deal with Hasbro making movies with studios, next here comes “Candyland” getting the greenlight by Universal Pictures. Universal has signed Kevin Lima to direct and Etan Cohen to write “Candyland” the board game about to make a live action film.

Kevin Lima is most well known for helming Disney’s “Enchanted” that starred Amy Adams. There is no plot/synopsis for “Candyland” yet, but Universal plans to make it a comedy and family oriented.

Variety Reports:


I’m betting your money that Lima will get Amy Adams to star the female lead in “Candyland”. Knowing how Lima did a wonderful job with “Enchanted”, I’m sure he won’t dissapoint in “Candyland” as well. He’ll put smiles on people’s faces in “Candyland” just like he did with “Enchanted”. I can see why Universal would want him. Lima is a perfect choice! Bring it on!