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Cool Video: Pixar joins the “It Gets Better” campaign…

Disney’s Pixar, the people who brought us films such as “Toy Story”, “Monsters Inc.”, “Cars”, “Wall-E”, “Up”, etc. joins the “It Gets Better” campaign by posting a video of their own in youtube. “It Gets Better” is a campaign to help fight bullying against the gay & lesbian community. In reality, “It Gets Better” can be for everybody, not just homosexuals.

I’m not gay but I respect the hell out of them. I’ve known some people that were gay in the past. I’ve also shared gigs with other solo musicians around the area that were gay, so I have nothing against gay people at all.

Speaking of bullying, yes, I was bullied when I was in high school. I’ve never gotten into any fights, but I’ve had other kids in school hit me before. I didn’t have what it took to defend myself and never fought back. As I got older and was out of high school, I still got bullied by other people here and there, but I learned to stay strong and I learned to never let it get to me. All of this bullying stuff is what got me interested in bodybuilding and fitness. I thought to myself, “Hmmmm, if I get ripped one day, maybe people will never be mean to me again?” I never got into fitness when I was a kid because of my past major surgeries that kept me away from it. So now that I’m good and healthy, I am able to get into fitness and do anything I want now. So here I am, trying to make my dreams of becoming a tough guy of my own.

My advice to those out there who are an easy target of being bullied by other people, get into fitness and bulk up. You don’t need to challenge a fight with them because of your ripped body like I said, violence is never the answer, but you being ripped will help bullies think twice before they say something mean to you. They’ll leave you alone, when they notice your physique. Never use physical violence, unless they hit you first. It is okay to fight back for self defense. Yep, this is the big part of why I’m getting into fitness ’cause of the way I was treated by other students in high school.

This method seems to be working in fact. Ever since I started putting up my fitness progress publicly, I haven’t even seen one thing that is said about me in a negative way. If you had a tough life, growing up, it does get better. I got good things going. I became a musician, a bodybuilder, an entertainment blogger, I work day jobs and just enjoying life. I hope to get married and raise a family one day, but I’m in no rush for that, just taking my time for the relationship, and wait for the right woman to come along. People may think I can’t get a woman, but no matter what you think or say, there is someone for everyone out there. Other than that, I’m just happy, playing music, working out in the gym, and just posting in the blog. These things keep me happy.

Enjoy this inspiring video. It’s great.