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Report: New Rochelle High School censors “Girl, Interrupted” novel by ripping out pages…

New Rochelle High School, which is a high school over in New Rochelle, New York…is censoring adult content from the novels that students are supposed to read for homework assignments.

“Girl, Interrupted” which is a novel about a woman named Susanna Kaysen who has been sent to a mental hospital for having a borderline personality disorder, while there, she befriends another young woman named Lisa Rowe. The novel was written by Susanna Kaysen herself, which tells her real life story, the novel was later made into a film that stars Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder.

New Rochelle High is so disgusted by the adult content in the book that they are ripping out a lot of pages, any pages that has strong language and strong sexual content, out rips a page.

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Susanna Kaysen herself won’t be happy when she hears about this! She is 60 years old now and she is still alive and well from my understanding.

What the hell is the book doing at a high school to begin with? It shouldn’t even be there if they are so offended by it. Getting rid of the book is better than ripping out pages.

I hope Susanna fights for her work and sues that damn school!!!! “Girl, Interrupted” is one of my favorite movies though, I never read the book yet.