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The theme song in “Man of Steel” trailer is not new, folks…

While the theme song in the new “Man of Steel” trailer, would sound like a new theme song, it’s not. It’s not new music from the movie quite yet. It does sound like music taken from the movie, “Gladiator”, but that’s not it either. The song is performed by Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy. It is not by Hans Zimmer. In the video below, here’s the original recording of the song from “Man of Steel” trailer #2.

Hans Zimmer must haven’t finished scoring “Man of Steel”, if they’re using music from other trailers. Unless, this is their way of teasing us and giving us hopes, that they could use the John Williams music? I doubt it though, but we can only dream. I still wish they use the John Williams music.

Listen to the song from “Man of Steel” trailer below. The original recording. Enjoy.


Dolph Lundgren was almost Russell Crowe role for “Gladiator” movie?

In Dolph Lundgren’s official facebook page, he’ll answer fan Q&A questions a day. I left him a question a long while back, but it took him a while to get to it, well, he finally answered my question. I’m 100% sure, this was my question, here it is

I wonder what character in “Gladiator” he was originally supposed to play? It was probably Russell’s, Maximus role, wouldn’t surprise me.