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Report: Is Ron Howard interested in directing, “The Dark Tower” movie? Seems that he is…


JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, was once attached to make Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” into a movie, but he bailed out, no longer wanting to do it. Now it seems that Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are interested in making it.  Ron Howard’s, Image Entertainment and Akiva Goldman’s Weed Road are in talks to buying the rights to the “Dark Tower” series from Stephen King. Stephen King himself, owns the rights to these “Dark Tower” novels, and Hollywood has been trying to get them made into films for a very long time. Now it looks it maybe finally happening very soon. Will we ever see a “Dark Tower” movie to the big screen? Maybe not right away, but it won’t come out in theaters for the next few years.

I have read all the Dark Tower books and can always see them being films on the big screen, not being on the TV in mini-series movies.

Ron Howard hasn’t been confirmed to direct yet, but maybe he wants the rights ’cause he’s interested in helming the first movie. It’ll be nice if Ron Howard gets back to the action/sci fi roots like he did with the movie “Willow” and others.

Who will play Roland the Gungslinger? I still would like Hugh Jackman to play him, but I have a feeling Howard/Grazer would probably go for no one other than Russell Crowe.

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