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“Oldboy”… both the American and Korean versions…

Over the weekend, I just watched, “Oldboy” the films based on the Japanese manga which tells the story about a man who gets held captive for 15 – 20 years and when he escapes, he tries to find the people responsible for his kidnapping and tries to get revenge. I watched the Korean version first and then the American version which was directed by Spike Lee.

Both version were honestly pretty good. The story for both of them were pretty intense. Both versions were pretty similar but a little different. While the American version was pretty good, I like the Korean version way more. The Korean version was more powerful and deep. The violence in the Korean version was more graphic than the American version plus the Korean version has more nudity. Wanna see naked Korean women??? That’ll be the version to see.

I’m glad I finally got around to checking the Oldboy films out. I’m not a big Spike Lee fan but I wanted to see his version of “Oldboy” so I can see the difference with the Korean version. Spike Lee did an okay job with his version, though, just could have been better. I didn’t think Josh Brolin fit as the main character, although he is a great actor.

This makes me wanna read the manga series of “Oldboy”. Next time I go to Barnes and Noble, I’ll see if they have them ’cause they do have a manga section. I don’t read manga too much.

Both the American version and Korean version are streamable for Netflix if you subscribe to it. I’d suggest you check out the Korean version, though. That’s the one I’d recommend. If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, here you go.