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Report: Neil Young makes return of Crazy Horse official, “Americana ” to be released, June 5th…

Rollingstone.com, made the exclusive news that Neil Young made the return of his band, Crazy Horse, with a new album, coming out titled, “Americana”. These aren’t original songs, it’s going to be an album full of covers. They are all going to be famous Americana folk songs written over the years. Are they going to be full band electric rock versions? That’s what it’s sounding like. Neil also said there is a choir of young children singing songs with them in the studio. So this is going to be an interesting album.

I’ll be buying it for sure. I love Neil. He’s a hero of mine. 2012 is starting to shape up as a better year for music. Springsteen, Neil Young, Sabbath, Van Halen, etc. Rock n’  roll is trying to make a come back this year.

See this article for the track listing.