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Report: “Justice League” movie finally greenlighted for Summer of 2015 release…

Due to the big victory of Warner Bros. copyright case to Superman, Warner Bros. is not wasting any time on the, “Justice League” film, as they have just set a release date for, Summer of 2015. They hope to start shooting next year, so expect casting to start soon. Also, who should direct it and write it. Joss Whedon would be out since he’ll be busy filming, “Avengers 2”. There will be no Christopher Nolan or Zack Snyder. I’m not sure who to direct it, but as for who to cast as Superman, why not get Brandon Routh back? Good idea, isn’t it? This is a good chance for Brandon to reprise his role, if Henry Cavill is not down.

Anyway, this is going to be a very hard movie to make. Could it top, “The Avengers”? I don’t know. The story and directing needs to be spot on. “Justice League” needs to be more than just another typical popcorn action film. It needs to be a MOVIE!!! With great acting and a great story. Sure, I can definitely see, “Justice League” being an action packed ride, but the story needs to work.

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Well, I’m glad Superman got it’s rights back ’cause this could change everything with the Superman character in the comics, video games, cartoons and other forms of entertainment. I can see Superman finally getting his own action/adventure video game in the works soon. It’ll be cool to get a Superman video game that is similar to, “Batman Arkham Asylum/Arkham City”. Sure, Superman has appeared in other games such as “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics”, “DC Universe Online”, and “Injustice”, but everyone wants Superman to get his own game. I can see why the video gaming industry hasn’t made Superman his own game yet. They are waiting for the character to come out with a hit movie, and when “Man of Steel” comes out in theaters next year, that will be the time to release his own video game.


EDIT TO ADD: I think I just thought of a director for the “Justice League” film. How about none other than Bryan Singer?

Report: Warner Bros. wants Ben Affleck to direct, “Justice League” film…

Since Christopher Nolan is done with superhero films, Warner Bros. is eyeing “The Town” director, Ben Affleck, to helm, “The Justice League” film. WB’s didn’t ask Affleck yet, but they are planning on it. Affleck is known to giving himself an acting role to the movies he directs, so I’m sure he will play a character, in the “Justice League” film. Affleck would make a good Flash, or maybe Aqua Man. I hope he’ll be down for this ’cause this would be a huge opportunity for him and he could finally get recognized for his talent.

He has superhero movie experience. Remember now, he was in the “Daredevil” movie.

Variety reports.


Report: “Justice League” live action film finally gets a writer…

Welp, as I predicted in the past, due to the success of “The Avengers”, I had a feeling Warner Bros., is going to move forward with the, “Justice League” film. Warner Bros., hired writer, Will Beall to write the script, but he was hired secretly last year. It’s no secret anymore!

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the “Justice League” movie, and I am hoping, just hoping that Henry Cavill will still play Superman, Christian Bale will still play Batman and Ryan Reynolds will still play, Green Lantern. I’m sure Warner Bros., will do all they can to get those guys together.

As for who to play the Flash and Wonder Woman? I don’t know.

I thought “The Avengers” was an incredible flick. Could, “Justice League” top it? With the right director and right script, they could. I’m sure WB’s will do all they can to get Christopher Nolan involved too.

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