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Turns out that 5 year old Kenneth White wasn’t abducted by two men… this story gets even more disturbing…

Turns out that 5 year old Kenneth White wasn’t abducted and killed by two masked men. Turns out a 19 year old woman named Tiffany took him and strangled him to death.

Full story here:


Look like Tiffany is gonna spend the rest of her life in prison. Why did she kill that kid? What was her motive for doing it? I’m sure she had a reason to. She probably knew the kid’s family and wasn’t getting along with them? That’s probably it.

Hopefully this doesn’t turn into another Casey Anthony or Amanda Knox where they walk with an acquittal. I hope they put Tiffany away this time.


Pretty sad story of 5 year old Kenneth White being abducted from his home and then murdered…

Yesterday, facebook was all over this missing boy, re-sharing the missing boy report hoping the Capital District area would find him safe and alive. He was abducted by two men wearing ski masks and all. They just entered the home and took the child. Next thing you know, the child was found dead near his home.

Full story here:


This story is probably gonna make the national news. It’s already trending on facebook.

Really sad and heartbreaking, though.

Things like this is why you need a gun permit and have guns in your home. Guard dogs would be useful too, maybe have a pitbull. Security systems in your home, also helpful. The home probably had none of that which is how this happened. This could happen to your child.

I can’t understand why people would kidnap young children and murder them. Hope law enforcement will catch the fuckers that did this. The kidnappers probably knew the child’s family, possibly ex-boyfriend/husband of the child’s mother??? I don’t really wanna speculate anything.

RIP Kenneth. So sad.