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Neil Young’s “Le Noise” is absolutely mind blowing

I think Neil Young’s “Le Noise” is his best new record in years. In fact, it’s ranked high up in the top 5 list of his best albums. Neil Young is seriously at the top of his game now. On this new record, Neil doesn’t play with a band. It’s just him and his electric guitar. The songs on the album are absolutely haunting and creepy in a way. The album maybe hard for new Neil Young fans to get into, but once you get into it, the album will grab you. I think it’s very interesting Neil, playing his electric guitar without a band, using overdrive or distortion pedals. He wants to prove electric guitar music doesn’t need a band. This is the best that Neil Young has been in years. It’s definitely the best album all year long. This album is different than the stuff he did in the past. The sound in Daniel Lanois’s home is out of this world. The songwriting on this album is great.

You can hear the whole album here in, “Le Noise – The Film”, in youtube, the entire album is here in this video below. Watch this whole thing if you would please. I’ve been a die hard fan of Neil Young for years.



Cool Video: Neil Young releases first single titled, “Angry World” from the new album “Le Noise”…

Neil Young just released a new single from the new album, “Le Noise”. This song is called, “Angry World”. It’s just him and his electric guitar. Using a lot of overdrive effects. The sound production in Daniel Lanois’s house is just amazing. I guess Neil wants to prove a point that electric guitar rock can be performed without a backup band. He has performed live on stage with just him and his electric guitar with no backing band many times in the past. He just never did anything like this in the studio before.

It’s a good song. Very unique and haunting. Neil’s new music has gotten very dark. I wonder how his new album is going to sell? We’ll wait and see.


Report: Neil Young reveals details for his new album, “Le Noise”…

Neil Young just revealed details of his new upcoming album, “Le Noise”. The album will NOT be full band rock. It will just be Neil alone in the studio himself. No backing band. All Neil will be playing is just his acoustic guitar and electric guitar. That’s it. There are also no overdubs. Neil got the album title, “Le Noise” because it was recorded in Daniel Lanois home studio in Los Angeles. Get the hint with “Le Noise” borrowing it from Daniel’s last name, Lanois. The album will have 8 songs and there will be a DVD with it showing Neil performing those songs live in the studio.

Click here, for the album’s track listing. Can’t wait!