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Report: Les Grossman will get his own movie to the big screen…

As long as you’re Tom Cruise, you can get whatever you want. Les Grossman is a character from Ben Stiller’s, “Tropic Thunder”. The character was played by Tom Cruise. Even if the character was in the movie for just a small role, the character became a hit. Later on, Tom expressed interest in wanting to play the character more with the permission of Ben Stiller, since Ben is the one that created the character. Well, look like Ben Stiller is cool with Tom playing Les Grossman more, ’cause Paramount made it official that a Les Grossman movie is coming to the big screen.

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Very cool. I loved Tropic Thunder and I thought Les Grossman was a cool character. This could be a funny movie if made right.

Although I have a feeling that the Les Grossman movie might possibly be about him dancing on stage or in a nightclub. Tom sure knows how to dance.


Report: Tom Cruise wants to play Les Grossman more…but will the character get his own spinoff movie?

Tom Cruise loves playing the Les Grossman character so much (a character he plays in Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder”) that he wants to play the character much more.

In this article, Cruise doesn’t say whether Les Grossman will get his own movie where the character is the lead but Cruise does want to do short videos with the character, like for youtube and stuff like that. Cruise says he needs to speak with Ben Stiller first, before he moves forward with the character because Les Grossman is Stiller’s creation.

Tom Cruise’s next film is titled “Valkyrie” a Nazi World War II flick directed by Bryan Singer which is about a group of German officers out to kill Adolf Hitler, the film comes out Christmas day.

Tom also appeared on a new episode of “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno last night where he talked about the Les Grossman character and Valkyrie. Tom was actually a good boy on Jay Leno last night. He didn’t talk about Scientology or didn’t do any couch jumping or nothing like that, Tom was actually decent on Leno last night.

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Hmmmm…will Les Grossman appear on stage at the Golden Globes to pick up his award? Will Grossman present an award at the Oscars?

This is a great character Tom plays, although I don’t like him too much. Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder” is fucking hilarious, you gotta see it.