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Spielberg still baiting for Oscars??? He’s gonna team up with Jennifer Lawrence for Lynsey Addario biopic film…

Hmmmm, I guess Spielberg decided not to direct “American Sniper” ’cause he felt the film was too conservative for him so he would rather do something more liberal like the Lynsey Addario story. Lynsey Addario is a photo journalist who mostly focuses on human rights and does stuff about women from other countries… that sort of stuff. It’ll be based upon Lynsey’s book, “It’s What I Do”. Look like Jennifer Lawrence is gonna play Lynsey for the film.


Spielberg’s been doing political and history films for too long. I miss the old days when he was making genius films like Indiana Jones, E.T., Close Encounters, etc. I wish he would get back to all that. Make films for family. He still does make family films once in a while like “Adventures of Tin Tin”, “The Terminal” and “War of The Worlds” but that’s about it.

I do respect him as a film maker and all ’cause he’s a legend but I wish he would stop baiting for Oscars.