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Look like the MacGuyver reboot will be headed to the small screen instead of the big screen…

For many years now, there has been a lot of talk of a big screen “Macguyver”movie but looks like it’s gonna head to the small screen instead and Jame Wans will be directing it.


The question is will Richard Dean Anderson reprise his role as Macguyver? The role that made him famous? Probably not. As you read in the article, this reboot wants MacGuyver to be in his 20’s so the character will be played by a younger actor but I can still see Richard Dean Anderson being involved somehow… maybe Anderson will still have a role but a different role. Anderson will probably have a small role in some episodes as a different character, ya know? On top of that, Anderson is too old and a little overweight now to be playing Macguyver again but I’m sure he’s still gonna be involved in this new series somehow.

I’m looking forward to this ’cause I’m a huge fan of Macguyver. Used to watch the show obsessively when it used to be on TV back in the day.