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Report: “My Name Is Earl” is done for good, lets hope a Jason Lee return to the big screen full time…

Like the blog title says, I hope Jason Lee decides to return to hollywood films full time. I prefer him doing that, instead of TV. Jason’s a really good film actor. My favorite movie role Jason Lee has been in was the Cameron Crowe film “Almost Famous”, when he plays the lead singer of that fictional rock band. He’s also really good in ‘Big Trouble”, “Enemy of the State”, and “Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher”. I hope he doesn’t get another TV show and just come back to working on movies.

“My Name Is Earl” started off with a good start first two seasons, then I stopped watching somewhere in the third season.

Variety Reports:



Hopefully the cancellation of “My Name Is Earl” will bring Jason Lee back to the big screen full time!!!

I used to love the show, “My Name Is Earl” but I haven’t watched it in a long while. I guess, I quickly lost interest when the show first started. Jason Lee is a really good big screen actor. Before “Earl”, Jason starred in many Kevin Smith films and plenty of other big screen pictures as well.

If “My Name Is Earl” is indeed cancelled, I hope Jason Lee decides to back to acting in film full time. His last Hollywood movie was “Alvin and the Chipmunks” live action back in 2007, and he is set to star in the sequel pretty soon. I’m sure he will get right to work on “The Chipmunks” sequel once “Earl’ cancels for good.

The question you’ll have to ask is will Jason go back to film, full time? Here’s hoping. Something is telling me that NBC will try to get Jason Lee another TV show since he made “Earl” a successful hit. “Earl” is now such a well known TV character, and NBC will probably try to create a new character for him for a new show. NBC will probably offer him a big deal to stay with the network.

I think he is a really good film actor and it would be a shame if he decides to work TV shows instead of movies. We’ll have to wait and find out to see what his decision is. I’m sure he’ll tell all of us soon.