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Spencer Elden aka Nirvana Baby suing Nirvana for “Nevermind” album cover after repeatedly re-creating it himself over the years…

Well this one is really strange… Spencer Elden famous as the naked baby on the legendary Nirvana “Nevermind” album cover is now suing the band and calling it child porn. I call it strange ’cause this the same guy who repeatedly re-created it over the years himself under the pool and this guy also had plenty of interviews with the music press talking about the album cover like he had no problem with it. He’s now asking $150,000 from every defendant.

What’s with the sudden flip-flop?


He had plenty of time to sue the band if he didn’t like it, why he did he wait for years to do it? I guess he’s desperate for money and attention. Is he in financial trouble? Sounds like it.

Kurt Cobain is not around to defend himself but I’m sure Dave and Krist might have something to say about this soon. Blame the parents for allowing it to happen. According to some info about Nirvana, Spencer’s father was a friend of the photographer who took the legendary photo so blame him for it. How come the Dad isn’t name in the lawsuit? Oh, that’s right you can’t blame your own family.

This lawsuit will go nowhere. The judge is gonna throw it out. Just watch.


Happy 47th birthday Kurt!!!

Today would have been Kurt’s 47th birthday. Yes, I’m loyal to Nirvana. Always have been since my high school years. During high school, I would go home turn on the TV and watch MTV hoping any Nirvana videos would come on. Then I bought the CD “Nevermind” and I remembered listening to it over and over. I loved that record “Nevermind” back then and still love it now. That’s an album I’ll never get tired of loving. “In Utero” was amazing as well. All of their records are great even, “MTV Unplugged in New York”.

Nirvana have gotten a lot of criticism over the years. People thought Kurt was a talent-less songwriter and they thought Nirvana was a crappy band but I disagree. The haters also think Nirvana destroyed rock music and I disagree with that too. Nirvana was a huge part of changing rock and punk music forever. I’ve also always believed that Kurt was murdered, he didn’t kill himself.

I don’t care what the haters and doubters think of Nirvana, they were an amazing band. I thought this band were amazing live performers too. They put on the best shows. Just three guys rockin’ on stage and being tight as hell! I thought “Live at Reading” was one of their best performances other than their MTV Unplugged show. Kurt was a talented man. Their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction is totally deserving. I wish Kurt was still alive so he can see himself get inducted into the Hall of Fame ’cause I’m positive he would be all for it.

Nirvana was the greatest. They were my heroes in my teenage years. I’ve always been obsessed with the band. Someday I’ll put together a Nirvana tribute video of me covering their songs. Maybe Kurt’s upcoming anniversary death???

Love Nirvana or hate ’em, they were an important part of music history and they have a special legacy.

Check out this article where Kurt’s hometown of Aberdeen paid tribute to Kurt which is pretty cool!

It’s unfair that Nirvana gets so much negative criticism. No matter what anybody says, I’ll always stay loyal to Nirvana just like I do with Metallica. Kurt maybe gone but his legacy is never going away.


My five favorite songs off of Nirvana’s “Nevermind’…

Well since today officially marks the 20th Anniversary of Nirvna’s iconic album, “Nevermind”, which is an album I love dearly, I thought it would be cool to post 5 of my favorite songs off the album. I love the whole album really, but these 5 songs are my absolute favorite. Enjoy the list…

(I would say this is the heaviest song off the whole album. The riff is tight and Kurt’s vocals are angry. I think this is one of the best songs off the album)

“Territorial Pissings”
(This is almost like a thrash metal song, it’s a fast, couple of minutes tune, just wish it could have been a little longer…)

“Something In the Way”
(This song is very powerful, a lot of emotion here. Kurt’s been accused of not having any feeling in his music but you’re wrong. Kurt doesn’t write songs for no reason, he had to be feeling something here…)

(Starts off kind of mellow and the chorus is all pissed off and in your face, love it.)

“In Bloom”
(Kurt’s music maybe very simple, but that’s what I liked about him. This is a pretty catch tune. I’ll never get tired of this tune even if I had to get forced to listen to it all day long. I think this is the best single off the album.)


3 Unreleased Nirvana songs surface the web, in celebration of “Nevermind’s” 20th Anniversary…

Nirvana is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their iconic album, “Nevermind” this year, and three unreleased tracks hit the web. Be aware that these tracks are just demos, so the sound quality is not going to be that great…but they still rock.

Enjoy them, here.

I love Nirvana. Nirvana’s, “Nervmind”, was released on Sept. 24th, 1991, so that day will officially mark the 20th.

“Nevermind”, means so much to me. That was the album that first got me into Nirvana, of course. I first saw, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, video on MTV for the first time when I was a kid and I was blown away. I just had to buy that album. I probably played that album to death. I still have that album to this day and still listen to it. I’ll never get tired of that album. It was the best rock album of the 90’s for sure.


Thought: Was Kurt Cobain good to work with in the studio? You may be surprised of this answer or not…

In celebration of Nirvana’s iconic album, “Nevermind” being re-released as a 20th Anniversary deluxe edition, Butch describes Kurt’s work ethic in the studio while making the album. What a lot of people may wonder, was Kurt good to work with in the studio? Butch Vig, the band’s producer, said Kurt was very difficult to work with. Butch says Kurt was a pain in the ass and had mood swings.

Read more on the story, here.

Kurt may have been a pain in the ass, but that’s what you must do if you want your songs the way you want them to be. Kurt had a vision of what his songs would wanted to sound like in his head and he was just trying to put it out on recording. So to do that, he must harass and annoy Butch to get the sound that he wanted. It’s about the artistic direction, the music.

Actually, Kurt was doing nothing wrong, it’s Butch that’s actually being the pain in the ass. Butch should have done what Kurt wanted.