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Spencer Elden aka Nirvana Baby suing Nirvana for “Nevermind” album cover after repeatedly re-creating it himself over the years…

Well this one is really strange… Spencer Elden famous as the naked baby on the legendary Nirvana “Nevermind” album cover is now suing the band and calling it child porn. I call it strange ’cause this the same guy who repeatedly re-created it over the years himself under the pool and this guy also had plenty of interviews with the music press talking about the album cover like he had no problem with it. He’s now asking $150,000 from every defendant.

What’s with the sudden flip-flop?


He had plenty of time to sue the band if he didn’t like it, why he did he wait for years to do it? I guess he’s desperate for money and attention. Is he in financial trouble? Sounds like it.

Kurt Cobain is not around to defend himself but I’m sure Dave and Krist might have something to say about this soon. Blame the parents for allowing it to happen. According to some info about Nirvana, Spencer’s father was a friend of the photographer who took the legendary photo so blame him for it. How come the Dad isn’t name in the lawsuit? Oh, that’s right you can’t blame your own family.

This lawsuit will go nowhere. The judge is gonna throw it out. Just watch.


Report: Naked baby on the Nirvana “Nevermind” cover is all growed up…

The famous Nirvana album cover for “Nevermind” the one with the naked baby in a swimming pool floating toward a fishing line with a dollar bill on it, is now 17 years old. Spencer Elden looks back at the famous Nirvana cover after 17 years and admits to find it embarrassing to find himself as a naked baby on an album cover that so many people all over the world has already seen.

The kid Spencer Elden is not living the rich and famous world, and not in any big career. He got his fame just for that one photo for the album cover. He is just a normal everyday person like all of us, living with family and still in high school. He also says being a kid now isn’t as great as being a kid in the 90’s.

How did Spencer get the job for getting dunked underwater for a photo for an album cover? Spencer’s father is a friend of a photographer who was shooting photos for the “Nevermind” album. “Nevermind” became the biggest selling album in the history of music and now the whole world knows what Spencer is like as a naked baby. “Nevermind” is still a very popular album to this day and forever will be.

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I remember when I first bought the album when I was a teenager, I was like “wtf”? Why is there a naked baby on the album cover in a swimming pool? I’m sure everyone who bought the album thought the same thing and that’s the point. It was meant to be a controversial album cover to help create a buzz in the music business.