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My thoughts on the Supreme Court upholding, individual mandate… Obamacare is victorious…

So why is Obamacare bad? Why do America hate it? It’s because we shouldn’t be forced to get Health Care if we don’t want it. Not everyone wants health care, ya know? People find it bullshit that if we don’t have health care, we’ll get forced to pay a very large fine. I agree, it’s wrong. There are personal reasons why certain Americans don’t want health care. It’s not just about money, more serious reasons than that. It’s our right that we don’t have to have health care if we don’t want to. While I’m sure Obamacare has been proven constitutional, it still takes away our free rights. See how everyone is mad about this?

This is just another fuckin’ reason Obama needs to go. He has officially become much worse than George W. Bush. Obama is just trying to do whatever it takes to get re-elected, so he’s doing everything he can. It’s all money and power, folks. That’s all politics right there. 1st Obama allowed illegal immigrant children to get work permits, and now this. Oh man, just think, what’s coming next?

I’m voting for Mitt Romney in Nov. I’m no fan of Mitt Romney either but at least he has slightly better political views than Obama. I’m only voting for Romney just to help get this Obama asshole out of office. Obama has gone way too far this time.