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Are people really this naive over Obamacare? Wow…


As expected, the health care website went down just before the deadline. Like a lot of people, I think it was on purpose so the Obama administration can have an excuse to extend the deadline.


Here’s the full .pdf of Obamacare which I plan on reading:

Click to access PLAW-111publ148.pdf

I plan on taking the time to read the whole thing this week. It’s over 900 pages long, though. I’ll take some notes while reading it and write my thoughts down on the blog.

It’s interesting how people criticize my health care when I bash O’care though. I would rather be on the health care I have now instead of getting my life destroyed with O’care. O’care was never meant to help people. It’s just the Obama administrations shady way of making more money. Again, just part of Obama’s plan in destroying America.

You can’t believe this is a legit health law just because the government says it is.  I understand people have health problems and can’t afford medical bills on their own but there are other options. O’care isn’t the way to go.

To those who make claims that it’s a good law, let me tell you something. That’s how the Obama administration wants to make it look like. They try to make it a good law. Those who believe it’s a good law and pretty loyal to it just don’t realize all the bad things hidden in the law. There are way too many secrets in the law people don’t know about.

When Republicans/conservatives try their best to warn people and tell the truth, they usually get bullied and made fun of by the left. We tried our best to talk people out of enrolling but talking to the left is like talking to a brick wall. There can never be an intelligent debate without the right getting insulted by the left. When republicans/conservatives trash this law it isn’t about hating on Obama. It’s about you. Us “right-wingers” care about people no matter what party you belong in and we just don’t want your life getting in danger over Barack Obama.

They’ll wake up once they realize their medical bills and taxes has gone sky high. They’ll wake up once they realize they’ll lose everything they got over it. I’ve read that once you enroll, there’s no backing out. I heard it’s very hard to cancel out of it if you change your mind. So think twice before going for this.

Whatever, ya know? People in politics are messed up and delusional. People are really weird. There are plenty of people who don’t deserve to be debating in politics ’cause many are horrible at it. People will never agree with you on anything… they will only side with everything on their political party which is sad really.

“Right-wingers” care. There’s no hating from any of us at all.



Obama succeeded at targeting young adults for Obamacare??? I’d say so…


Over the weekend, from what I’ve seen during that debate in facebook about Obamacare most of the people replying to the post and trying to defend it were pretty young. People who are in their 20’s – 30’s or a little above that. Before that Zach Galifianikis video, a lot of young people didn’t know about Obamacare before then. Then Obama appeared on Ellen Degeneres to promote O’care and targeted young people even more through her show. I think Obama obviously succeeded at targeting young people to his health care law.

Why would Obama target young people? It’s because Obama knows that young people are more naive than adults are. Obama would know that people who are 40 or over wouldn’t fall for a health law that’s a socialist trainwreck, ya know? Older people would be more smarter. Older people would be smart enough to do more research before enrolling into a health law they know nothing about while young people would be quick at being too excited about it.

It’s crazy ya know. I tried to warn them kids about this law and I got laughed at pretty much throughout the whole debate. Been called a crazy right-winger and blah blah blah.

I used to never take Obamacare seriously and didn’t really care about it but after Obama targeting young people for O’care, makes me want to take it seriously and read it into it more myself. Obama definitely succeeded into tricking young people getting them to thinking it’s a good health law.

About me disliking this law has nothing to do with my “right-wing” beliefs. That’s what I’ve been accused of by many to be honest with ya. I’ve always been looked at as a crazy right-winger by other people when I criticize Obama on his politics and crimes. They accuse right-wingers of being unintelligent nut-jobs. Well sorry to say people, the same goes for left-wingers and independents who have nothing to do with either party. They too can be delusional, crazy, and uneducated people so they shouldn’t be talking. It’s unfair how “right-wingers” get treated in politics. It’s just shows they have nothing value to add to a debate when they attack “right-wingers” for their views and opinions. They are not good at debating as they say they are. When they attack, “right-wingers” when disagreed with, they are letting the “right-wingers” win.

I made a promise to myself that I would always stick to my views and opinions no matter what anybody says. I don’t care how many gets pissed off, upset or who that person is. I would stick to my thoughts no matter what. You’ve seen me have this attitude on my blog so you can tell I really mean that. If you change your opinion and thoughts ’cause others don’t like it, you’re just letting them win and letting them control you. I can’t have that. Prove your points all you want to but I will always stick to my beliefs. No matter how much controversy comes out of my discussions and debates, I will always stick to my beliefs.

The day after March 31st when enrolling ends for the year, I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to O’care whether it will be good or bad. They don’t know anything about the law even if they say they do. Nobody knows anything about it. Even I don’t. Even Republicans in Congress don’t know anything about it. That’s why they’re trying to get a full repeal ’cause they don’t trust it.

It’s unbelievable how people would enroll into this garbage after all the stuff Obama did to our country. People are never gonna wake up about this guy.


What ever you do, don’t enroll to Obamacare… if you already did, your life is over…

So tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the disastrous Obamacare for the year of 2014. Obama have been hyping this health law up in the media pretty heavily and a lot of Americans have signed up for it. In facebook, there’s a heated debate about O’care. A few certain local people who I know have publicly announced that they just enrolled to O’care. I replied to the post warning them about it and there’s a heated debate over it. Sure enough, a lot of people replied are trying to treat Obamacare in a positive matter and they defended it. Their defense about it? They said they don’t care about the politics out of O’care, they just needed to do whatever they needed to get covered and to get some help. Since people are so broke and can’t afford medical help, they think O’care is gonna be helpful.

Let me tell you something, this article here just came up in my newsfeed:


Yep, you read that correctly. This is verifiable information too. 4 years of O’care and out of all the millions of Americans who enrolled, only 1.4 percent have been covered. Technically, that’s not a lot at all.

I don’t know too much about O’care but I do know some stuff about it on why it’s so dangerous. The monthly prices will raise and I heard the premiums aren’t cheap either. There is also this mandate you have to strictly follow and if you don’t, you’ll get taxed on a lot of stuff. It’s also forcing every American to get the Affordable Health Care act whether you want it or not. If you don’t want it or can’t afford it, you’ll get fined.

All the info I talked about above is right here in this website:


Look at the tax penalty fees that you’ll get forced to pay.

Obamacare affordable? HA! Fucking please! Americans have signed up for it hoping to get covered ’cause you’re broke? Well, if you enroll you’ll be broke even more.

I don’t know much about the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” but I’m gonna read it more, I’m sure the law is available to read in a .pdf document somewhere.

Some say they don’t care about the politics out of O’care? You should care ’cause this affects every American and even you. I have also heard from a lot of people online they couldn’t get help with their doctors/hospitals ’cause they didn’t accept O’care. People have died ’cause they couldn’t get help.

On top of all this, O’care is illegal and unconstitutional at best. It’s evil socialism, period. All Obama wants to do is to destroy us all and ruin lives. Like I said in a post before, this is part of his plan on single-handedly destroying the United Of America.

In facebook, I’ve been accused of believing everything right-wing media tells me which is fucking bullshit. I mean well.

With that being said, I’m not signing up for O’care. I refuse to support anything Obama. I’m not enrolling, not caring if I get fined or taxed. I’m never putting my money toward Obama’s pockets… I don’t care if I go to jail for it.

I know the reader Pauper is no fan of Obamacare either so I’m pretty sure this post will give him some interest and maybe he’ll reply explaining more on why it’s so bad. He could do a better job than I can.

O’care is dangerous and evil. It needs a full repeal and it needs to be defunded. Most importantly Obama needs to be impeached over this health law. O’care takes away our freedom and liberty. I know the economic times are tough but you can’t be quick into believing in the government just because they tell you O’care is good. They’re just manipulating and lying to you.

This is why I try not to discuss politics in facebook anymore ’cause liberals are ignorant and uneducated. They really are a piece of work. They don’t wanna wake up. Maybe they will once they see they’re getting screwed out of O’care? Don’t blame other people if you’re getting screwed, blame yourself. It’s your fault and I’ll be the one to tell you, “I told you so”. It’s incredible how many people treat O’care positively. Republicans tried to warn them, they just don’t wanna listen.


Obamacare is only part of Obama’s plan in destroying America… wake up!!!

So the deadline in enrolling for Obamacare is just around the corner which is March 31st. I remember back in 2008 when Barack was elected as President, liberals defended Obamacare in facebook and I’ll never forget it. I don’t know much about the health law but I do know it’s a trainwreck. I’ve read from plenty of articles that people didn’t have very good experiences with it. I’ve heard that people have lost doctors and can’t find hospitals because of it. Plus, you’ll have to get forced to pay very large monthly fees. On top of that the Obamacare website isn’t working properly. Most notably you won’t be able to keep your current health care if you sign up for this one.

Obama is obviously trying to push Obamacare into the mainstream. Trying to get people to enroll as much as possible. I look at Barack’s official facebook page and he’s getting a lot of complaints about the health care law. Even his fellow liberals are starting to hate it. Read some of the comments on Barack’s official facebook page. The Obama admin. claims that millions of people have enrolled (when you know that is another lie) and they make advertisements with fake actors making things up about how Obamacare helped them.

So for all you Obama supporters and defenders out there, I’m willing to bet you never enrolled. You don’t like this health law just as much as everyone else… you liberals are just afraid to be upfront and open about it. I’ll never forget that liberals defended Obamacare when I bashed the hell out of it in the past.

Obamacare is set out to kill everybody. Think twice before you sign yourself up to it. Once you sign yourself up to Obamacare, your life is over. You could lose everything. Your home. Your family. Even your life. You could reach death if you sign yourself up to it ’cause that’s what Obamacare wants to do.

If you don’t know anything about that Health Law or if you don’t trust it. Don’t enroll to it. Why would you want to sign up to a health law that’s by Barack Obama? Obama wants to kill us all. He’s manipulating you into thinking it’s a good health law so don’t buy into his lies. Obamacare is dangerous.

There are still so many people who support Obamacare but I think that’s because some liberals feel sorry for him and they’ll stay loyal to him no matter what’s said about it. They’re just uneducated and very naive people. If you sign yourself up to O’care and if bad things starts happening about it, don’t blame other people… it’s your fault for signing up to it.

With that being said, this law needs a full repeal and along with that… Obama needs to be impeached. Liberals will still defend this law ’cause they’ll think Obama made “mistakes” with it. They are not mistakes. Obamacare is no accident. Obama knows what his goals are with it and he knows what his exact intentions are. He wants to wreck the medical and health system and he wants to murder all humans with it.

Once again, this is just part of Obama’s plan in destroying America. Part of his secret plan in turning us into a Muslim state. Wake up and get a reality check.


Sharyl Attkisson starts her own website after resigning from CBS…

After mysteriously resigning from CBS, it’s looks like Sharyl Attkisson started a website on her own. What’s on her website? It has all of her reports about Benghazi, Operation: F&F, Obamacare, etc. all in one place. It’s looking like she doesn’t plan on working for other TV media and she’s just going solo as a journalist.

Check out her website here:


If you want to see how the Obama administration is responsible for “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” you should read her stuff. She’s the most “credible” journalist out there. She is one who deserves to be called a true journalist.

This is a website that the Obama administration is not going to like so I fear for her safety now. It’s looking like she’s going to keep doing her thing which is good.

She’s basically the only one trying to get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. Why? Because this woman cares like most of us. She’s not doing this for herself or for money at all. She’s wants answers for the families of these victims who were murdered at these crimes. She’s a patriot and cares for the country like the rest of us.

If it’s someone that would get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”… it would be her.

Seriously, read her stuff. You might find her reports interesting. Of course, anything that has something to do with the Obama administration, you’ll still defend them. You’d probably call her a racist or call her reports “conspiracy theory”. Can’t you Obama defenders come up with better insults than that? It’s like that’s all you can come up with.


Are you surprised that Obama lied about Obamacare? That’s all the man ever does is lie, lie, lie…

The latest controversy in Obamacare is that Obama is caught in a huge lie in which he promised that Americans can keep their health insurance if they sign up with Obamacare but sure enough… turns out to be a huge lie. This lie is turning into a big media frenzy and is all over the net.

You see, Obama never believed in telling the truth. He has a huge obsession with lying. He told a lot of other lies about Obamacare. He lied about Benghazi, Gitmo, his birthplace, his religion, lied about wars, drones, and this list is endless.

Richard Nixon got into a lot of trouble for lying his head off but Obama gets away with it all… it’s unfair. When will the liberal media and US government stop protecting this asshole? When will people realize that this man is nothing but an evil dictator? You think after all the lies that Obama told us over the years, you still believe that Obama had nothing to do with Benghazi and don’t think he was born in Kenya? You serious?

Yes, I know another political post but I had to make this one short and get it out of the way.


Why the Benghazi attack deserves to be the big news story and not Obamacare…

I think all the Obamacare website and the health bill itself is less important than anything else… so I don’t understand why Obamacare is such a huge media frenzy. I know why. It’s because the White House has complete control of the media. Whenever Benghazi is brought up in the news… they’ll do whatever it takes to get our minds off of it. This is exactly how the government protects Obama. This is how they control people and manipulate them. This is why people don’t wanna believe that Obama and Hillary were responsible for the Benghazi attack. It’s all media control. It’s their way of trying to get away with the crime even more.

The Benghazi story is slowly getting huge though… it’s getting there as you remember that Lara Logan story on CBS that was aired on TV not too long ago.

I think the 4 American men getting killed at Benghazi deserve their justices and that’s way more important than anything else going on in government.

I think the Benghazi story will become a huge media frenzy once it’s proven that Obama and Hillary were behind it. The media will be all over it then… trust me on that one. I don’t talk about Obamacare on this site too much ’cause I find it not important… I don’t care about it. I agree that it’s a trainwreck of a health bill but I don’t need to be all over it.

I also think Obama will give himself up and confess to Benghazi once too much information gets out there… give it time. Then maybe Obama will resign as president once he’s finally exposed of the Benghazi crime. He won’t get impeached for Benghazi, I can absolutely see him resigning asap.

This whole Benghazi story is sad. It’s pretty serious stuff and shouldn’t be ignored. You may say that these things happen all the time, we should move on — sure — but the American people never moves on from any crime. All murder victims deserve their justices… it doesn’t matter how long ago it was and doesn’t matter where or how it happened. Would you have liked it if you had friends or family who were mysteriously murdered for no reason and no answers came out of their murders? No… I bet your ass you wouldn’t have liked it and you would want answers yourself… well, the same feelings should apply to the Benghazi victims.

Those 4 men were our fellow Americans and we should care. Those 4 men… Christopher Stevens and the 3 other guys served our country… put their lives on the line protecting us and we should care for anyone who sacrificed their lives.

Can you blame people for blaming Obama for this attack? He was missing in action during the 7 hours this was happening. Wasn’t seen or heard from during that time, and then the asshole flies to Las Vegas after the whole thing was over. That’s pretty much the main reason why we’re all blaming him. Earlier this year, Obama revealed a surprising sealed indictment which he wouldn’t say what’s in it and is even more questionable.

More clues on how Obama may have been responsible for the Benghazi attack, if you closely watch Obama during the press conferences and whenever he’s confronted about Benghazi from the press… Obama was once caught crying… he was also caught stuttering and his mouth moves at times when he speaks about Benghazi.

Obama is still out there ’cause the left-wing government is helping to protect him. I applaud the republicans for threatening Obama to block Senate appointments just to get answers about Benghazi, that’s a ballsy move.

When will Obama/Hillary finally be exposed for Benghazi? I would say sometime next year around 2014 but the sooner the better, though. It’s been a little over a year and while very little information came out of Benghazi… we still got pretty much nothing why? I bet Obama/Hillary are hiding the important evidence somewhere and they have all the survivors/witnesses locked up.

There will be someone out there who knows everything and at some point that someone will come forward.

I will say this though, that Obama has some balls to commit a dangerous crime and then he continues to live his life publicly instead of going out in hiding. Obama is not hard to find at all.

If you think Obama had nothing to do with it… then you’re just ignorant and dumb. I’m pretty sure, almost 100% positive that the Commander in Chief (that’s the president) is only able to give the “stand down” order and nobody else. Military help could have easily been sent there and the whole attack wouldn’t have happened. I seriously believe Obama armed all those men and sent them there to attack the consulate. Obama watched it all happen in a private room somewhere.

You can’t get away with any crime. It’s hard to get away with something bad. You can run and hide all you want to but you will get caught. It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It doesn’t matter if Obama will finish his presidency or not… either during his presidency or after, he’s going to get caught. He’s not gonna get away with this.


My thoughts on the upcoming Government shutdown…

Well, a US government shutdown is officially happening and it’s coming whether you like it or not. By now, you’re probably wondering my opinion on this and I’ll give it a quick thought. Nobody in government wants a shutdown. Neither democrats and republicans wants a government shutdown. Of course, none of them want it. Why? Simply the only reason, nobody wants to be out of work for a little while! US politics doesn’t want a government shutdown. The American people (us) are all saying go for it! Yes, I’d say what the hell? I’ll agree with the American people and say shut it down. We could use a little break from all their bullshit anyway.

Obama is clearly being defeated by Republicans/conservatives about Obamacare. The House won the delay of Obamacare and so far this stupid health law is getting defeated, big time. Obama is not liking it either as you can see. He’s becoming defensive and claims that the Republicans are just messing with him. Nobody’s messing with Obama. The American people knows that Obamacare is all garbage. The American people spoke out and republican politicians responded — they want to help us. There are even some democrat politicians that are against Obamacare.

I think a government shutdown is good for the country and that’s what we need.

Instead of focusing on government shutdowns and trying to get rid of Obamacare… we need to start focusing on trying to shut down Obama’s presidency. That would be even better, I’d say. They need to get the impeachment hearings started. I don’t know why that’s so hard to do, ya know? When it shouldn’t be. If Obamacare won’t get the President impeached, then what will? There’s gotta be something in Obamacare that’s an impeachable offense and Congress might find out what that is soon.

Anybody who defends Obama on everything is a delusional misinformed idiot. It really does piss me off when people defend him. Do you really have this big of a hard on for him? Can’t stand liberals!!!!


Senator Ted Cruz is making US history on the Senate floor!!!

This is pretty incredible stuff. Senator Ted Cruz started his speech on “Obamacare Defunding” on the Senate Floor yesterday and he made it pretty clear that he’s going to keep talking until he is no longer able to stand. He really meant it too. His speech went on through out the night and still going. No breaks at all. No sitting down. No bathroom breaks. No food or drink breaks. Just talking all night long. I see Ted still going on all day today and night. He could go on for a few days or more nonstop. As I explained before around the Rand Paul filibuster, it is allowed on the Senate floor. A Senator can talk for as long as he/she pleases. Rand Paul did his filibuster for 13 hours straight… Ted just broke his record. I didn’t listen to all of Ted’s speech since it would be way too long but I listened to a little bit yesterday and what he’s doing is pretty amazing stuff. I’m feeling that Ted is not going to stop until a decision is made that Obamacare has been defunded. Ted could go on until he falls to the floor. He could continue his speech for a full month or a full year if he wanted to.

I had a feeling that there is going to be a filibuster once the Obamacare case went to the Senate so this is no surprise. Ted is an awesome guy and he is my new hero in government. Get ’em Ted!


How are the homeless and the poor going to afford health insurance?

Doing a little research on Obamacare, I’m surprised on how high the tax is, if you don’t buy health insurance, they’ll force you to pay $95.00. As you can clearly see, they’ll raise it up to $695, by 2016.

I wonder how homeless people, the poor and people with low income are going to afford that? Since every American is required to have health care, does this count criminals in prison too?

Obamacare is a crock of shit, all of it, after reading that whole thing. More on this another time… yep, Mitt Romney definitely has my vote!