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Now THAT’S how you FIGHT Obamacare!!!! Thanks Staples!!!!

This is awesome! The chain retailer, Staples, had no choice but to force part-time employees to work 25 hrs as a way for them to avoid the disastrous Obamacare. Under Obamacare, companies with 50 or more employees must pay for Obummer’s health insurance who works 30 hours a week or more.

Sure enough, Obummer cries under their decision. Deal with it Obummer, ya big baby. Not everyone is gonna like your disastrous health-care law. This disastrous health-law needs a full-repeal.


I’m pretty sure liberals are hating Staples now and they’re probably gonna boycott the company just like they attacked “Chick-fil-A” ’cause of their opposing views on gay marriage.


Watch Trey Gowdy destroy Jonathan Gruber in this epic video!!!

Trey is one tough mofo!!! When you sit in front of him, you should be very afraid and Jonathan Gruber here looks afraid. You can tell Gruber is looking nervous when Gowdy questions him. Gruber said those comments ’cause he claims he was trying to make himself look smart and he also claims he didn’t mean what he said. You know this fucker Gruber is lying, if he was trying to make himself look smarter than he wouldn’t have gotten himself an Ph. D. So this douche is full of it. Gruber absolutely meant what he said. Gruber is also involved in politics in some way even if he claims that he isn’t.

Trey Gowdy is awesome. Conservatives look up to Gowdy ’cause he’s one of the very few who believes in the law. It’s not about Gowdy fighting back at Obama, it’s about the law and the Constitution that he believes in.

I wish Gowdy would run for a higher position like President of the U.S. in 2016 or even House Speaker. He would even make a perfect DOJ as well. I know DOJ’s aren’t elected officials, they are appointed but still Gowdy would make a great DOJ. He deserves a higher position than a Congressman. Trey is the freakin’ man! \m/


Obama caught lying about Immigration and Obamacare, among other things…

Not only that Obama have been caught flip-flopping on gay marriage, he’s been caught flip-flopping on his stance on Illegal Immigration. See the video below where the man himself is reading from his book for his audiobook, “The Audacity of Hope” and I read that book too by the way.

Of course, Obama lies about Obamacare and other things.

Why would people be surprised that Obama would be caught lying again? That’s all the man have been doing to us since the 2008 elections. All of this Jonathan Gruber stuff and Obama’s flip-flop on illegal immigration has sparked a huge buzz in the right-ring world but nobody’s talking about it in the left-wing world.

Why? Simply because the liberal media don’t wanna do their jobs. Whenever Obama is caught lying and doing something bad… that stuff doesn’t get reported on NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. The left-wing news media doesn’t want to put Obama in a bad light. That’s why a lot of liberals refuses to wake up about what kind of man that Obama really is. It’s either the media is helping to protect Obama or the Obama administration is paying the media to protect them or maybe a little bit of both. Either way, the mainstream media refuses to report anything bad about Obama.

If a Republican politician have been caught lying about something and doing something criminal, that would have been all over the left-wing news like when Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry both got indicted, that was a hot news story in left-wing news. However, when you see left-wing politicians like Barack and Hillary getting in trouble, you don’t see that anywhere in mainstream news.

It really is disgusting how one-sided the mainstream media really is which is a big part of why I don’t watch the news anymore.

Whenever I post these things in facebook, sure enough liberals will defend Obama and act like Bush is the bad guy. I really hate those, “Bush is the bad guy and Barack is good” type of people. If you’re that type of person, I don’t wanna debate politics with you. Look, I don’t like either Bush or Obama. I always thought they both were the same corrupted politicians. I never voted Bush for both of his elections. I have always been neutral on Bush and Obama. I never sided with everything on the Republican party even if I’m Republican.

It’s amazing to me how the left does not want to be realistic on their precious Obama but whatever. That’s the reason the left don’t wanna wake up on Obama ’cause the mainstream media don’t wanna report the bad stuff about him. Our mainstream media is garbage.

This Jonathan Gruber stuff is a huge breaking news story on FOX News and other right-wing media outlets but you don’t see that anywhere else. It’s pissing me off, honestly.

I remember when President Nixon got busted for Watergate, liberal media was all over that stuff back in the day. Our news media is messed up, it always has been.


Pretty crazy how this Jonathan Gruber stuff isn’t all over the news when it should be!!!

One of Obamacare architects, Jonathan Gruber is making claims that the ACA has been passed due to the stupidity of the American voters. Sparked a lot of controversy in right-wing media. Right-wing media maybe all over it… but what about left-wing media? I don’t see this story being reported at all through the big three: NBC, ABC, and CBS.

I think Gruber just exposed the truth by accident that the ACA is fraudulent and illegal. Anybody who thinks the ACA is a good health law and legal is delusional. It needs to get repealed and all the architects behind the law needs to get thrown in prison along with the guy who made it… that’s Obama, of course.

If liberal media wasn’t on one side, this would have been all over the mainstream news.

In reality though, if Gruber wants to talk the “stupidity of the American voters” that title belongs to the people who voted Obama twice.


Say Aloha to Gov. Neil Abercrombie!!!!

This is awesome news! The state of Hawaii did a great thing voting this asshole and traitor out. Gov. Abercrombie was a big Obama and Obamacare supporter. He was also one of those slimy and corrupt idiots covering for Obama’s birthplace. Make no mistake about it. Obama had a whole team covering his birthplace info. Good riddance to this loser!!!

Now that he’s no longer Governor of Hawaii, hopefully the truth of Obama’s birthplace will come out soon!


Another Smackdown on Obamacare… YES!!! Subsidies found illegal!!!

First the contraceptives got the smackdown on Obamacare and now the federal subsidies have been found illegal in 36 states. Which I think means that the feds can’t provide health insurance subsidies to those who have enrolled through the new changes.


Of course, this administration will play innocent victim over this ’cause you know they will never take responsibility for anything. When will Obamacare supporters get the hint that this is a shit health law and it’s full of illegal things???

Wake up idiots!!! This needs a full repeal. It’s needs to go.


Final words on the contraception topic and then I’m shutting up about it…

My opinion on this matter still stands. If women are so worried about getting pregnant during sexual intercourse, then they should keep their fucking legs closed. There’s nothing wrong with what I said at all. It’s just the truth and common sense. You guys find it offensive and think it’s degrading? Good.

I was right about my views on contraception all along:

From this link…


Contraception is the use various devices, drugs, agents, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent conception or impregnation (pregnancy). Contraception helps women plan if and when they want to have a baby. The condom is the only current contraception device that helps protect sexual partners from STIs

As you can see, contraception doesn’t go any deeper than sexual intercourse. That’s all contraception is. In my view, it’s just a fear of women getting pregnant.

I was also right on using the word, “contraceptive” as even this article used that word many times which is coming from a medical website.

It is also definitely possible to avoid sex. There is more to life than just sex. I do want to get laid myself, don’t get me wrong but I’m in no hurry for it. There’s no need to rush it. It’s actually good to not have sex. You won’t have to worry about getting women pregnant or getting STD’s.

We also shouldn’t have to get forced to pay for women’s personal problems. If Hobby Lobby agreed to pay for contraception, our tax dollars would be going to that stuff. I have no issues with birth control or contraception but let women handle their own problems by paying for it themselves. We can’t hand them over free contraception and that’s what it’s gonna do. We can’t spoil these women.

I am entitled to my own opinions and beliefs, if you don’t like it or find it offensive, that’s tough shit and that’s your call. I’m willing to tell the truth. I don’t care how many I piss off or offend. That’s what I’m about and that’s what this blog about. So if you come here reading and if you’re complaining, it’s your own fault.

Complain and whine all you want, nothing is stopping me from speaking my mind and telling the truth. I don’t feel guilt or regret of what I said about this at all. I feel pretty damn good about it. You’re welcome.

Keeping the comments closed on this. No need for debating.


Today is not a good day for liberals, congrats Hobby Lobby!!!!

The Supreme Court is on a roll!!!! They don’t bullshit! They take the Constitution very seriously! They don’t care if you’re the president or the king!

Religious freedom wins. I’m not a big fan of religion by any means but I’m all for religious freedom and all that.

Companies shouldn’t have to pay for women’s contraceptives and their birth control problems. It’s not their responsibility and it shouldn’t be. Women want to use contraceptives to prevent them from getting pregnant during sexual intercourse? Then they should stop getting fucked so much. Problem solved!!! They shouldn’t have to take care of their sexual problems.

Barack claims he’s a Christian and this isn’t very Christian of him at all. Christian’s would be all for religious freedom.

On top of that, this whole Obamacare healthcare law needs a full repeal. The whole thing needs to go not just this contraceptive thing.

Liberals aren’t happy, I bet. Especially liberal women. Another big win for conservatives!!!


George W. Bush, finally not blamed for something for once…


When it comes to Obama’s crimes, everyone wants to blame Bush on EVERYTHING. Whenever Benghazi is brought up, people will blame Bush on the 12 embassies that were attacked under his administration and people will blame Bush on 9/11. People will blame Bush on “Operation: F&F”. People will blame Bush ’cause of the bad economy and it’s not Obama’s fault. People will blame Bush for Obama’s NSA spying since Bush started the Patriot Act. You get the deal here. Seems like nothing is Obama’s fault but everything is Bush’s fault.

When it comes to Obamacare… notice how nobody is blaming that on Bush. I definitely noticed it. I haven’t seen one person blame Bush on Obamacare. I’m sure you haven’t seen it either but if you did, correct me if I’m wrong?

Look… Bush wasn’t the best president but HE WAS BETTER THAN OBAMA. You can’t deny that fact. The left doesn’t want to admit it. You can’t compare Bush and Obama together ’cause both are completely different men. Both had different political views. Yes, Bush had his share of committing war crimes and he too did some unconstitutional things but Bush did love the country and did whatever he could to get our protection and freedom.

At least Bush was a more transparent president than Barack. Bush committed less crimes than Barack. Bush wasn’t as obsessed with dropping drones in other countries. Look at the records for proof…. Bush didn’t do that many drone strikes. Barack did it way more.

That’s another way of how Barack gets away with everything, he likes to use Bush as his shield by blaming everything on him. It’s either Bush, FOX News or that he is black… that’s how Obama protects himself. That’s is how you’re letting Barack getting away with this stuff.

It pisses me off that people wanna blame Bush on everything. If people can’t blame Bush on Obamacare, then that makes him completely innocent and harmless.

Obama is totally different than Bush. Obama is extremely dangerous and violent. Bush wasn’t. Obama wants to do things without congressional authority. Bush never did any of that. Bush was pretty faithful to the Constitution while Barack is not.

Everything Obama does is not Bush’s fault. Everything Obama does is Obama’s fault. Obama knows exactly what he is doing and knows what his goals are. All Obama wants to do is to destroy this country. At least Bush never killed people in “mysterious” accidents. Bush never went after people who disagreed with his politics much like Obama does. Bush believed in Freedom of Speech so he didn’t care whether or not the media attacked his politics.

There was nothing wrong with Bush. Blaming Obama’s actions on Bush is pretty ludicrous. Proves that the left are scared to learn the truth how evil and dangerous Obama really is. It’s real sad that not enough people wanna wake up about Obama.


Telling the truth about Obamacare is not hating or trolling, it’s just the truth, that’s it…


Like usual each time you disagree with Obama’s politics… you get labeled a hater, troll, a crazy right-winger, or a racist and all that freakin’ bullshit. Typical left-wing facebook bullshit, it’s a circus in there for sure. That’s why I try my best to avoid politics discussion in facebook ’cause like I said before people are dumb and crazy. They also accuse me of listening to such popular right-wingers such as Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin. They laugh at me for admiring those two but that’s okay, fuck ’em. My opinion on Obamacare didn’t come from listening to other right-wing politicians or celebrities. My opinion on Obamacare is my own opinion alone and I mean well.

Yes, I may have physical disabilities like with my scoliosis and other things but that’s the point of me being scared of O’care. If I enroll into this shit, I may no longer get the help I need in case I might need surgery for something down the road. I’m scared of my taxes and bills going sky high. I’m scared of hospitals and doctors no longer being able to accept me ’cause they won’t accept O’care. These things could happen if you sign yourself up. When you criticize people’s health and disabilities after them trashing Obamacare, that means you just insulted everyone else with problems so you better be more careful of how you all respond to people. Obamacare have obviously gotten mixed criticism. Some agree with it, some don’t. So you’re gonna get negative Obamacare criticism whether you like it or not. When you see people trash O’care, they are scared of it too. That’s why Republicans in Congress have been trying to fight for a full repeal ’cause they are scared of what O’care may do to them and the American people.

If you get seriously injured in an accident, you may not even get help in the ER ’cause they won’t accept the O’care insurance. If you have a family member who has cancer or is sick, the doctors will refuse to help ’cause they may not accept O’care. Your loved ones could die ’cause they couldn’t get help from O’care. You could even die over it too.

Quite honestly, I think that’s Obama’s goal with O’care. He wants to kill everybody with it. His way of destroying America. O’care would have made Hitler and Stalin proud.

O’care is pretty controversial but what’s new with Obama, right? Everything he does is controversial. He’s a piece of garbage and a total fraud. This health bill should be good enough to see that. Sure enough, some people are still siding with everything Obama does and still treat his political moves positively like blind and ignorant fucks. Just a lot of misinformed people who just signed up, not reading anything about it.

Even if you disagree with O’care, you still shouldn’t sign up for it. O’ care is just putting the country into a lot of danger. It could instigate terrorist attacks and other crimes could happen because of it. It could even start riots and protesting — I’m betting riots and protesting will start happening in D.C. sooner or later.

This law is just illegal and unconstitutional. It’s insane how some people can’t understand that. I won’t sign up to something that’s illegal and fraudulent. I won’t care if I get fined or get thrown in jail. Bring it on. I’m just NOT paying for this scam. Like usual some people find nothing wrong with O’care just like they find nothing wrong with Obama himself as a human being.

On top of that, I won’t support anything from this murderer and liar. Once again, how can you believe in this health law after all the stuff he’s done to our country: NSA, IRS, Benghazi, Operation: F&F, etc. This guy is a maniac. Congratulations. You just allowed this maniac to have O’care all over the mainstream. On top of that, O’care is costing so much tax dollars too. Costing so much tax dollars to promote it and get it out there and all that stuff.

If you enrolled, your life is done. You just let Obama win and you just handed over your support to a scum bag who isn’t to be trusted. Good job America. This law needs to be repealed. America deserves a better health care system. I really hope Hillary won’t be our next president ’cause she’s going to make the health care system a lot worse than Barack’s.