Pretty crazy how this Jonathan Gruber stuff isn’t all over the news when it should be!!!

One of Obamacare architects, Jonathan Gruber is making claims that the ACA has been passed due to the stupidity of the American voters. Sparked a lot of controversy in right-wing media. Right-wing media maybe all over it… but what about left-wing media? I don’t see this story being reported at all through the big three: NBC, ABC, and CBS.

I think Gruber just exposed the truth by accident that the ACA is fraudulent and illegal. Anybody who thinks the ACA is a good health law and legal is delusional. It needs to get repealed and all the architects behind the law needs to get thrown in prison along with the guy who made it… that’s Obama, of course.

If liberal media wasn’t on one side, this would have been all over the mainstream news.

In reality though, if Gruber wants to talk the “stupidity of the American voters” that title belongs to the people who voted Obama twice.


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